Does My Teen Need Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Is your teen thinking about rhinoplasty? Many teens are very self-conscious about the appearance of their nose and hope that rhinoplasty will improve their appearance. Parents can play an invaluable role in helping teens navigate the rhinoplasty process. If your teen is considering rhinoplasty, help them find a skilled plastic surgeon. For teens from a non-Caucasian… Read More >>

An Infographic on Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a facial procedure designed to improve an oversized, crooked or otherwise troublesome nasal appearance. Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel, knowing that your nose looks great and balances out the rest of your facial features. Listed in this infographic are the different types of rhinoplasty that you should only trust to an… Read More >>

A Teen’s Rhinoplasty Questions … Answered

If you’re interested in teenage rhinoplasty, grab your parents and review some of the frequently asked questions on this list. Then, give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation with one of the area’s best rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Sajjadian. Am I Old Enough for Rhinoplasty? Many teens are old enough for rhinoplasty. Dr. Sajjadian generally… Read More >>

My Teen Wants Rhinoplasty: What Do I Need to Know?

Rhinoplasty is the most popular cosmetic surgery treatment for teens. Parents of teens considering the procedure often have questions. They worry about their teen and want to help guide their child through this complicated surgical decision. This parent’s guide will guide you and your teen through the rhinoplasty decision process. If you have any questions that aren’t… Read More >>