Additional Procedures

Additional Breast Procedures in Newport Beach

Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian has extensive experience in breast surgery procedures for women who wish to improve their breast contour and overall figure. Whether you want to increase size with a breast augmentation, improve elevation with a breast lift, or reduce size with a breast reduction surgery, he has the expertise and skill to deliver outstanding results that will look fantastic on the beach, in a summer dress, or at work in business attire.

For some women, traditional breast surgeries are not enough. You may need additional work to resolve issues like enhancing your nipple/areola complex or complications from initial breast surgery.

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Areola Enhancement in Orange County

Enlarged areolas can be genetic or might result from stretched tissue due to weight gain, breast implants, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Usually, Dr. Sajjadian will perform nipple and areola reduction in Orange County during a breast lift or breast reduction; however, if your breast tissue and nipples are in a good position and the areolas are disproportionately large, Dr. Ali Sajjadian can perform a simple areola reduction procedure.

Nipple in Newport Beach, CA

Nipple reduction surgery is often necessary for women who were born with overly large nipples or areolas. These abnormally large nipples can cause embarrassment when they are erect and make fitting into your bra uncomfortable. Many women also prefer the more demure appearance of smaller nipples and less prominent areolas, as both are less noticeable under clothing.

Dr. Sajjadian can perform your nipple reduction procedure while you are under local anesthesia in about an hour. You can return to work or other daily activities the same day with a permanent and beautiful result. Additionally, your nipple sensation and stimulation should remain completely normal.

Inverted Nipple Correction in Newport Beach

This condition occurs with nipples that project into the breast mound rather than out of it. Some women have only partially inverted nipples. These generally look and function normally, but they do not project quite as far out as is typical.

Other women have fully inverted nipples, creating an almost featureless appearance on the areolas. These women sometimes look as if they do not have nipples at all, since there is no forward or inward projection. Still, others have nipples that actively project into the breast mound, creating a dimple or hollow. Dr. Sajjadian can expertly remedy each of these problems, resulting in a natural-appearing enhancement.

Amazing results! My nose looks very natural and fits my face so much better than before. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have rhinoplasty done!

Completely obsessed with my rhinoplasty results and it’s only been a month , so happy I went to Dr. Sajjadian, he is amazing at what he does!

Symmastia Correction in Orange County

Synmastia is a distressing consequence of breast implant surgery. In these cases, one or both implants cross over the midline to the opposite side, creating bands across the cleavage. Nicknames for this condition include a “uni-boob” or sometimes “bread loaf breasts.”

Dr. Sajjadian expertly resolves synmastia by removing the implants and recreating appropriate breast pockets with internal stitches. He then replaces the implants in the correct position. Dr. Sajjadian uses his expertise to eliminate the need for external stitches or bulky compressive devices. The procedure is safe, comfortable and rewarding to women who are both relieved and delighted by their results.

Capsular Contracture Correction in Newport Beach

Scar tissue forms around all implanted materials as a natural part of healing; however, it can be troublesome if it tightens. The medical term for this abnormally tight scar tissue is capsular contracture. As the tightening scar tissue forms around the breast implants, it may cause your breasts to feel firm, unnatural, or even painful.

Dr. Sajjadian is one of the most popular breast revision plastic surgeons among women in Southern California. In addition to empathizing with your situation, he’ll offer various options, including noninvasive alternatives. However, if surgery is necessary, Dr. Sajjadian skillfully reconstructs the previous incisions, then removes and replaces the implants. This approach involves a safe and relatively short procedure under a light general anesthetic.

Tubular Breast Surgery in Newport Beach

A “tubular” breast stems from the development of the breast gland and the overlying skin where the breast is not round but oval. In addition, the lower pole skin between the nipple and fold is tight and short, the breast fold is higher up under the breast, the areola is large and puffy, and the amount of breast tissue is minimal. Most often, your breasts will be uneven and asymmetrical.

Tubular breast correction relies on the use of a carefully selected implant. As a specialist in this procedure, Dr. Sajjadian carefully places internal incisions that release scar tissue and round out the bottom of the breast. His technique creates a lower and more natural breast crease, plus provides cleavage, adds volume, lifts, and perks up the breasts. Patients are absolutely delighted with their results.

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Internationally renowned and triple board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Sajjadian helps women look and feel feminine by addressing their breast athletics. He employs multiple treatments, including many his colleagues often neglect.

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