The Different Types of Rhinoplasty Explained

We often tell our patients plastic surgery is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every patient has unique anatomy and different cosmetic goals. But when you’re considering nose surgery, this truism takes on a higher level of relevance. But, when you choose double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian, you will have access to multiple rhinoplasty techniques… Read More >>

Your Guide to Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Hispanic Rhinoplasty enables you to alter your nose shape, allowing you to achieve a nose that better complements your natural face. By adjusting the nasal bridge, width, and smoothing any unwanted bumps or curves, you can fulfill the appearance you’ve always dreamed of. Please view the infographic below to find out more about how Hispanic… Read More >>

What Makes Hispanic Rhinoplasty Unique?

We live in a diverse culture. We are a gumbo of humanity which offers distinct heritages, races, and customs, and different backgrounds and cultures can unite to form an exceptional community which offers something unique for everyone. Dr. Sajjadian’s knowledge and expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty will do just that. Latino or Hispanic refers to people… Read More >>

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is Not About Hiding Your Heritage

In aesthetic medicine, we often discuss ethnic rhinoplasty gone wrong, with patients overdoing it by getting a nose which does not fit their face. Let’s face it; we are born with a certain appearance and the best way to improve it is to avoid altering its genetic heritage, but rather embrace and enhance it. We… Read More >>

The Different Types of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Do you come from a non-Caucasian ethnicity? If you do, rhinoplasty can be a little more complicated. This doesn’t mean you can’t achieve stunning results, but choose your surgeon carefully. A surgeon with experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty can help you get the best results. Learn a little more about the many types of ethnic rhinoplasty. Hispanic… Read More >>

Your Hispanic Rhinoplasty Consultation- 5 Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Are you preparing for Hispanic rhinoplasty? One of the most important preparatory steps for your procedure is your consultation with a plastic surgeon. During this visit you’ll be able to discuss your goals, get expert advice, and discuss the specifics of your situation. For a great consultation, go in prepared. Asking your surgeon questions can help… Read More >>

Preparing for Hispanic Rhinoplasty – Your Questions Answered

Are you getting ready for Hispanic rhinoplasty? If so, you likely have questions, and plenty of them. This guide will help you prepare for your surgery. Call today and schedule your consultation with one of the best Hispanic rhinoplasty surgeons in Southern California, Dr. Ali Sajjadian. Do I Need Traditional Rhinoplasty or Hispanic Rhinoplasty? If you… Read More >>

Traditional Rhinoplasty vs. Hispanic Rhinoplasty – What’s the Difference?

Many of our Hispanic patients are unaware that there are differences between traditional rhinoplasty and Hispanic rhinoplasty. Understanding the difference will help you prepare for your rhinoplasty and achieve the best possible results. What Is Hispanic Rhinoplasty? Hispanic rhinoplasty is a type of ethnic rhinoplasty performed on patients that have Hispanic genetic roots. Patients with… Read More >>

4 Common Questions About Hispanic Rhinoplasty

As a double board certified plastic surgeon and expert in rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Sajjadian spends a lot of time answering questions. If you have questions about Hispanic rhinoplasty, he’s got the answers you need. Keep reading for answers to four common questions. If you still have questions, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian for personalized… Read More >>

Double Board Certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian Weighs In: Has Jennifer Lopez Had Plastic Surgery?

Looking better than ever at 46, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors. Over the years, many have speculated about the various tweaks and cosmetic enhancements the singer and actress may have had done. J.Lo, herself, has been fairly tight-lipped over the speculation, and hasn’t yet admitted to any plastic surgery or cosmetic… Read More >>

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