Orange County Breast Procedures

Because of aging, genetics, pregnancy or nursing, many women may become dissatisfied with the shape, contour and/or size of their breasts. This also includes women who struggle with asymmetry of the breasts, causing one breast to be larger than another. Breast surgery can help restore a young, full appearance which also helps improve a woman’s self-esteem.

While there are plenty of plastic surgeons offering breast augmentation or enhancement at often rock-bottom prices, there is far more skill and understanding required for these procedures. Creating a “natural” appearing breast requires more than asking a patient what size they would like to be. With different breast shapes, sizes and contours to breasts, there are a number of results that can be achieved with any single breast surgery. Dr. Ali Sajjadian takes the time to understand your desired outcome, and personally makes a plan of action for achieving these results. In some cases, there may be only one area that a patient wants corrected, whereas some patients may require multiple procedures to adjust size, shape and position.

Dr. Sajjadian is highly experienced and compassionate. He understands the importance of a beautiful form to a woman’s self-esteem. He artistically augments the breast to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.

Dr. Sajjadian offers a wide range of breast procedures to help achieve the best results. Click on any of the procedures below to learn more about the procedures that Dr. Sajjadian implements to create spectacular results in Orange County.

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