Nasal Issues: An Overview of the Causes and Correction

There are numerous reasons your nasal passages can become blocked, and this is almost never fun. We’ve put together this overview of the causes of nasal obstruction and how you can permanently free your air ways. The Causes of Obstruction Nasal obstruction can be caused by genetics or injury and can lead to many adverse health conditions: Nosebleeds… Read More >>

Do I Need Nasal Obstruction Correction?

Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and an expert in rhinoplasty. He is well known for his stunning, natural looking cosmetic nasal surgery results. He is one of the best cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeons around, but that isn’t all he can do. Dr. Sajjadian can improve your breathing with nasal obstruction correction. This procedure corrects common breathing… Read More >>

An Infographic on Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a facial procedure designed to improve an oversized, crooked or otherwise troublesome nasal appearance. Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel, knowing that your nose looks great and balances out the rest of your facial features. Listed in this infographic are the different types of rhinoplasty that you should only trust to an… Read More >>

Is Your Teen Thinking About Rhinoplasty?

Are you the parent of a teen who is interested in rhinoplasty? Before you sign your child up for the procedure, keep reading for four essentials parents should know about teen rhinoplasty. If you have questions or concerns, call and schedule a consultation for you and your teen with the triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian. Many… Read More >>

Your Answers to Rhinoplasty FAQs

Thinking about rhinoplasty? You’ve probably got questions—come see Dr. Sajjadian for answers. As a triple board certified plastic surgeon and a renowned rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Sajjadian has a wealth of experience and knowledge to answer your questions and ensure stunning rhinoplasty results. Keep reading for answers to some common rhinoplasty questions. What Qualifications Should I… Read More >>

Deviated Nose? Dr. Sajjadian Can Help

It’s a common problem with a lot of names: deviated nose, deviated septum, crooked nose, etc. Basically, a deviated nose occurs when the septum (or strip of tissue that separates the nostrils) is off center. This causes the nostrils to vary in size and, in severe cases, it can lead to difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, frequent… Read More >>

Is it Possible to Have Rhinoplasty Without Completely Changing the Look of My Face?

Many of Dr. Sajjadian’s rhinoplasty patients come to him with the hope of transforming their look. Big changes are often possible, but wanting rhinoplasty doesn’t necessarily mean you want to look like someone else. Some patients want rhinoplasty to improve breathing, without dramatically changing their appearance. Others want to change the shape of their nose… Read More >>

Am I a Good Candidate for Nasal Obstruction Correction?

Do you have a hard time breathing? You might benefit from nasal obstruction correction. Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled, triple-board-certified surgeon who specializes in nasal surgeries. If you’re struggling to get a breath of fresh air, call us for a consultation. Nasal Obstruction: What Is It… And Why Is It a Problem? Nasal obstructions are a major… Read More >>

Is Nasal Obstruction Correction a Cure for Snoring?

Do you snore? It’s possible that your snoring is caused by a correctable nasal obstruction. Come see Dr. Sajjadian today and breathe easier. Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing nasal surgeries like nasal obstruction correction. He may be able to help you sleep without the snoring. Common Causes of… Read More >>

What is Nasal Obstruction Correction?

Do you have breathing problems? It is possible that these breathing problems are a result of problems with your nasal passages.  Nasal obstruction correction  surgery could potentially eliminate the problem, helping you to breathe easier. Call us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian today. Nasal obstruction correction … it’s a breath of fresh air…. Read More >>