A Teen’s Rhinoplasty Questions … Answered

If you’re interested in teenage rhinoplasty, grab your parents and review some of the frequently asked questions on this list. Then, give us a call to schedule your personalized consultation with one of the area’s best rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Sajjadian.

Am I Old Enough for Rhinoplasty?

Many teens are old enough for rhinoplasty. Dr. Sajjadian generally recommends waiting until your nose has reached its full adult size. This typically happens for girls at ages 16 and 17 for boys.

I Hate the Bump on My Nose. Is Rhinoplasty the Solution?

Teen rhinoplasty can correct a variety of aesthetic and functional nasal issues, including:

  • Deviated septum
  • Humps on the bridge
  • Nose that is too large/small relative to other features
  • Drooping/upturned tip
  • Wide bridge
  • Nasal obstructions
  • Large nostrils
  • Bulbous tip
  • Crooked nose

If you’re unhappy with the appearance or function of your nose, call and schedule a consultation with triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian. After an examination, he can determine if your rhinoplasty is the best option for you.

Is Rhinoplasty Painful?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure and, as such, you may experience some discomfort, but our goal is to ensure as comfortable a process as possible. You’ll be under general anesthesia during the surgery, so you won’t feel a thing. After your surgery, you may feel some numbness, soreness, tenderness, and swelling. This typically resolves quickly, often improving a little each day. We’ll provide detailed instructions for keeping comfortable during recovery, including pain medications as needed.

How Can I Avoid a Rhinoplasty Disaster?

Rhinoplasty can be a highly successful surgery, yielding natural looking results. Unfortunately, some surgeons who perform rhinoplasty aren’t experienced enough to achieve these stunning results. Choose your surgeon carefully. Dr. Sajjadian is a rhinoplasty expert and has taught extensively about the surgery to other surgeons. He has the skill and experience needed for beautiful results.

If you’re of a non-Caucasian background, look for a surgeon with experience performing ethnic rhinoplasties. This is a type of rhinoplasty that addresses the underlying nasal differences that may be present in patients of Hispanic, Middle Eastern, African, or Asian heritage. Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons often possess a deep understanding of advanced rhinoplasty techniques.

Call and schedule your consultation with one of the top teen rhinoplasty surgeons in the Newport Beach, California area, Dr. Sajjadian.