Dr. Sajjadian has a special passion for nasal procedures, and is one of the most skilled rhinoplasty specialists in the United States. His ability to artfully sculpt the nose to yield stunning results has led to very satisfied patients as well as respect among his colleagues and peers in the area of rhinoplasty. A disproportionate […]


As one of the most unique physical characteristics, the face is the key to first impressions and is often first to display signs of aging. Disproportional facial features or signs of aging can cause emotional distress about their appearance. Dr. Sajjadian understands the importance of facial features and works diligently to make his patients feel […]


Because of aging, genetics, pregnancy or nursing, many women may become dissatisfied with the shape, contour and/or size of their breasts. This also includes women who struggle with asymmetry of the breasts, causing one breast to be larger than another. Breast surgery can help restore a young, full appearance which also helps improve a woman’s […]


While many surgeons limit the focus of their practice to traditional liposuction and tummy tucks, when it comes to body contouring, Dr. Sajjadian provides his patients with a diversified array of unique procedures designed to aesthetically improve each and every area of the body. With a highly skilled plastic surgeon, your body can be safely […]

Skin & Non-Invasive

Healthy, radiant skin is a vital component of beauty. While a healthy skin care regimen is important to beautiful skin, many patients supplement their topical treatments with non-invasive cosmetic procedures to make their skin glow. Using state-of-the-art technologies, our renowned Orange County plastic surgery specialist rejuvenates patients’ skin to produce stunning results. Dr. Sajjadian performs […]

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