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Hand Rejuvenation Newport Beach, CA

A commonly overlooked area of the body that shows signs of aging is our hands. Most people are not comfortable with the wasted look and very visible tendons and veins that may appear on hands over time. Some of the signs of aging that can be found on the hands include; age spots, pigmentation, loose skin, and prominent veins. Dr. Ali Sajjadian has advanced expertise in Hand Rejuvenation and offers a variety of options to treat the individual needs of each and every patient.

During your hand rejuvenation consultation, Dr. Sajjadian will ask you about your individual concerns with the appearance of your hands to better understand a course of action. This will also help to determine if your expectations can be realistically achieved using the most advanced techniques available. Once a course of action is determined, Dr. Sajjadian will recommend a procedure or multiple procedures to correct the concerns you have with the appearance of your hands.

Options for Hand Rejuvenation in Orange County, CA

Hand Rejuvenation can include non-invasive and surgical options to help to achieve your desired results. Regardless of which of the following procedures is chosen, continued skin care will be necessary to prevent further sun damage. Consistent use of sunscreens will significantly prolong the results of the treatments. These options enable Dr. Sajjadian to create results that are impressive, quick to heal, natural, and can be performed with minimal incisions.

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Skin treatments, peels, or laser to fade out pigment spots.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is the gold standard and what makes the biggest difference. It fills in the top of the hand from the wrist to the mid fingers and it is permanent.

Skin Excess Correction

The excess skin of the top hand can be corrected with lasers.

Vein Removal

This is done by laser or injection into the veins to shrink and obliterate them.