Orange County Face Procedures

As one of the most unique physical characteristics, the face is the key to first impressions and is often first to display signs of aging. Disproportional facial features or signs of aging can cause emotional distress about their appearance. Dr. Ali Sajjadian understands the importance of facial features and works diligently to make his patients feel more comfortable with their face and the many different attributes that make up the facial structure. Dr. Sajjadian delivers natural, aesthetic results that make his Orange County and Inland Empire patients look and feel their very best.

While Dr. Sajjadian is well known for his work in the field of less-invasive facial procedures, very little matches the results received after a surgical procedure performed by Dr. Sajjadian. Understanding the overall goal and expectations of each procedure, he can give you the best advice as to which procedure would best meet your desired results.

Dr. Sajjadian offers a wide variety of facial procedures to meet the needs and desires of his patients and understands that no patient is ever the same. Triple board-certified, Dr. Sajjadian has the experience and skill necessary to create a younger look and feel for any of his Orange County and Inland Empire patients. Regardless of the procedure chosen, Dr. Sajjadian will meet with every patient prior to the procedure to discuss the goals of the procedure to determine if the chosen procedure will deliver the best results, and if additional procedures might be necessary. To learn more about any of the facial procedures offered by Dr. Sajjadian, at his Orange County practice, click any of the links below.

Dr. Sajjadian with facelift patient
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Real Patient Results

Look at how our beautiful patient is so happy about her face and neck lift surgery! A facelift is a surgical procedure that improve visible sign of aging in the face and neck.

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