Ethnic Rhinoplasty is Not About Hiding Your Heritage

In aesthetic medicine, we often discuss ethnic rhinoplasty gone wrong, with patients overdoing it by getting a nose which does not fit their face. Let’s face it; we are born with a certain appearance and the best way to improve it is to avoid altering its genetic heritage, but rather embrace and enhance it. We… Read More >>

How Much Does Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Cost?

It’s okay to bargain shop for laundry detergent or shoes, but when it comes to rhinoplasty, you don’t want to pinch pennies. This is especially true for non-Caucasian patients considering ethnic rhinoplasty. If you’re looking for a Middle Eastern rhinoplasty surgeon, look for skill first and then worry about price. You’ll avoid a lot of disappointment, heartache,… Read More >>

Preparing for Your Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty Consultation

You’ve dreamed of Middle Eastern rhinoplasty for years and are finally ready to take the plunge. One of the first steps to a new nose is to schedule a consultation with triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian. During this appointment we’ll examine your nose, discuss your treatment goals, and work together with you to create a plan for… Read More >>

What Makes a Middle Eastern Nose Unique?

Your nose is unique to you, but odds are, it carries many similarities to other noses from your culture. Ethnic rhinoplasty acknowledges the unique structural features that non-Caucasian noses may possess and seeks to provide stunning rhinoplasty results for patients from all ethnicities. What makes a Middle Eastern nose unique? Keep reading and find out below. What… Read More >>

An Infographic on Different Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a facial procedure designed to improve an oversized, crooked or otherwise troublesome nasal appearance. Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel, knowing that your nose looks great and balances out the rest of your facial features. Listed in this infographic are the different types of rhinoplasty that you should only trust to an… Read More >>

Do You Have Questions About Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty? We’ve Got Answers!

If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty and have a genetic heritage that hails from the Middle East, you should consider Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. This unique type of rhinoplasty addresses the underlying nasal structure and aesthetic concerns that a patient with Middle Eastern features may possess. If you have questions about Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, keep reading or call… Read More >>

4 Common Misconceptions About Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is a type of ethnic rhinoplasty performed on patients with a Middle Eastern heritage. These patients often complain about a significant nasal hump, a long downward tip, or a bulbous tip. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty can be very effective at removing these and other aesthetic concerns while maintaining a patient’s ethnic appearance. If you’re… Read More >>

One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to Noses – Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty

One size fits all is great for many things: hats, gloves, socks, etc. This isn’t the case for rhinoplasty. This surgery is designed to reshape and perfect the nose, one of the central features of your face. The right nose can bring your other features into balance for a balanced and attractive appearance. The wrong type… Read More >>