Breast Augmentation After Children

If you’re considering enhancing your breasts with implants and planning to have children, timing should be a top concern. Widespread concerns we hear from women in Orange County include, “Will pregnancy affect my breast augmentation results?” and “Can I breastfeed with implants?” Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian understands your concerns. Today, we’ll take… Read More »

Will I Still Look Like Me After an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

For people of color who are unhappy with their nose’s appearance or function, ethnic rhinoplasty may be something to investigate. This plastic surgery can enhance facial presence, remove any nasal obstruction, or both. But many women and men of different ethnic backgrounds don’t want to completely transform how they look. Instead, they are proud of the heritage… Read More »

Caring for Your Facelift Scars

Are you considering taking the plunge to renew your youthful appearance with a surgical facelift? With approximately a quarter of a million people having facelifts in the United States each year, you’re not alone! A facelift performed by double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian improves many visible signs of aging caused by stress, sun exposure,… Read More »

How Weight Fluctuations Can Affect Your Facelift

When considering a facelift, most patients don’t think about their body weight. They may feel a difference of 10 or 15 pounds shouldn’t affect their facial appearance. But the truth is that weight fluctuations can impact facelift benefits, a surgery where submental fat plays an integral role. Ideal Facelift Candidates The goal of facelift surgery is… Read More »

How to Sleep After a Tummy Tuck

As you prepare for tummy tuck recovery, you may assume the best place to start is by finding new shows to stream, buying that book you’ve been putting off reading, or stocking up on healthy snacks. But sound sleep is critical for proper healing during the weeks after your surgery. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali… Read More »

5 Most Common Breast Lift Myths

Full, firm breasts are a hallmark of femininity and a prominent part of many women’s body image and gender identity. Unfortunately, your breasts will start to sag over time as your skin becomes thinner and less resilient. Besides aging, other factors like significant weight fluctuations, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, and genetics also contribute to flattened breasts…. Read More »

What’s the Difference Between a Breast Reduction and a Breast Lift?

Breast reduction and lift surgeries are excellent cosmetic choices for women who want to improve their figure and quality of life. These procedures will refine your body by improving your breasts’ size, shape, and elevation. Your choice to get plastic surgery depends on your expectations and goals. For example, are your oversized or disproportional breasts causing discomfort, embarrassment,… Read More »

Should I Get a Tummy Tuck After Major Weight Loss?

Losing significant weight after a diet and exercise regimen or bariatric surgery often leaves patients with lax skin and tissue, especially around the midsection. While most men and women have some level of skin elasticity, it’s normal for individuals to struggle with this problem after losing considerable weight. In addition, sagging skin around the abdomen… Read More »

How Soon Is Too Soon for Revision Rhinoplasty?

No feature on the human face affects your appearance more than a prominent nose. It takes center stage on feminine beauty or masculine good looks. Unfortunately, many people are self-conscious about their nose’s appearance because of genetics or physical trauma. Still others struggle with the problem of disappointing results. Nose surgery is a procedure that… Read More »