What’s the Right Age for Teen Rhinoplasty?

While most cosmetic surgeries deal with the unwanted side effects of aging, a few of the procedures we offer are favorites among younger patients – even some teenagers. One in-demand treatment for teens is undoubtedly cosmetic nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty.

Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian is a highly skilled and experienced surgeon in the art of teenage rhinoplasty. He prioritizes helping his young patients achieve the aesthetic reward of a beautiful nose that complements their facial features.

The popularity of teen rhinoplasty in Newport Beach stems from the advanced technology and techniques Dr. Sajjadian offers his young patients. There is also the bonus of opening obstructed breathing passages, which may afflict some teenagers.

Unlike facial rejuvenation procedures that reverse the signs of aging, most rhinoplasty results last a lifetime. The nose doesn’t change much once it’s physically mature, so any adjustments made at this time will most likely stay. Aging typically affects facial areas like the eyes, forehead, and brow — but rarely the nose. Once you have your nose surgically corrected, your new look is permanent unless you later choose to get a revision rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty in Children

Nose jobs for children and adolescents can be somewhat controversial. However, for children who have suffered an infection, trauma, or congenital deformity that has affected their appearance, surgery can reallocate or reconstruct nasal cartilage and bone.

Over the years, rhinoplasty techniques have advanced to become more conservative toward augmentation and tissue reorientation. Nevertheless, surgery that is largely safe and appropriate for teens and adults may adversely affect nasal growth in younger children. Therefore, it is best to consider nose reshaping surgery once the nose is fully mature.

At What Age Is Teen Rhinoplasty Appropriate?

Rhinoplasty is among the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in Southern California and America for patients of all ages, including young adults and teens. Because of the pressures of social media and the accessibility of aesthetic surgery, more teens are seeking rhinoplasty to improve their facial appearance and confidence than ever before.

Many of our prospective patients ask us how soon they can get nose surgery. While age is a critical factor in deciding when rhinoplasty is appropriate, there are other vital considerations. These include:

  • Motivations for surgery
  • Emotional maturity
  • Parent involvement
  • Available downtime
  • Patient’s expectations
  • Physical development

The earliest age for rhinoplasty varies from patient to patient and depends on several factors. Even for patients who are emotionally mature enough to undergo surgery, their nasal structures and facial features must have finished developing before undergoing the operation. If a surgeon performs rhinoplasty before the patient is physically mature, the outcome can change significantly as growth continues, with many patients needing revision rhinoplasty within a few years.

Typically, girls are physically ready for rhinoplasty earlier than boys. Most females have a fully developed nasal anatomy by 16 or 17, while the male nose continues to grow through age 17 or 18.

During your consultation for teen rhinoplasty in Newport Beach, CA, Dr. Sajjadian will thoroughly examine your nose. He will discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals, assess your emotional maturity, and determine whether now is an appropriate time for surgery. Additionally, a parent or guardian will need to be involved in the decision-making process and consent for a teen to undergo rhinoplasty surgery.

What Benefits Will a Patient Enjoy After Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Just like adult rhinoplasty, teenage rhinoplasty provides cosmetic and functional benefits for the patient. Common concerns improved or corrected with teen nose surgery include:

  • Nasal shape, size, and width
  • Hump or bump on the nose
  • Hooked tip of the nose
  • Upturned nose
  • Crooked nose
  • Uneven nostril size
  • Asymmetrical nose
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Deviated septum

Teenage Rhinoplasty Candidates

With teen rhinoplasty, Dr. Sajjadian strives to help his patients achieve a nose in harmony with other facial features. Dr. Sajjadian also wants to deliver a natural-looking nose to each patient. After performing teen rhinoplasty, your family and peers might not notice you had a nose job.

Teenagers also consider rhinoplasty in Newport Beach because of an aesthetic or medical condition. For example, if you have a deviated septum or a nasal obstruction, rhinoplasty can help you breathe easier without blockage.

Unfortunately, many teenagers desire teen rhinoplasty because of excessive bullying. Teen rhinoplasty boosts self-esteem by making your nose look more symmetrical with the rest of your face. Ultimately, the motivations for teenage rhinoplasty are private between the teenager, parents, and plastic surgeon.

Scheduling a Consultation for Teenage Rhinoplasty

Support is essential in teenage rhinoplasty. Dr. Ali Sajjadian M.D. is a triple board-certified Newport Beach facial plastic surgeon who understands the ramifications of teen cosmetic surgery. In addition, Dr. Sajjadian is one of the most renowned facial plastic surgeons in the United States. As a result, he has repeatedly demonstrated his knowledge, skill, and expertise, becoming Orange County’s leading rhinoplasty specialist.

In addition to his expertise in the procedure, Dr. Sajjadian performs a complete evaluation of each patient and explains the benefits and risks in easy-to-understand terms. He will help you weigh the pros and cons of a teenage nose job to determine if it’s a smart, safe choice for you.

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