Preparing for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is no longer thought of as a one-size-fits-all procedure. Thankfully, a beautiful diversity of ethnic features and nose characteristics can be preserved and celebrated with today’s cosmetic surgery techniques. Ethnic Rhinoplasty describes surgical changes to the nose that are harmonious, proportionate, and well-suited to individuals of various ethnic backgrounds. Not every facial plastic surgeon… Read More »

Ethnicity and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is growing all across the globe. Depending on the ethnicity certain procedures are more popular than others. For example, among Asians eyelid surgery is more popular than it is among Caucasians. Middle Easterners, such as those from Persia and Iran are more likely to get rhinoplasties compared to other ethnicities. In 2010, 25 percent of… Read More »

Persian Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty among Persians is an extremely popular procedure. Men and women alike recognize the dramatic benefits rhinoplasty can bring them.  Our Persian plastic surgery clients here in the Newport Beach area are often knowledgeable and open minded regarding cosmetic surgery in general.  Many Persian women recognized to be natural beauties seek out reduction rhinoplasty to deemphasize a dominant… Read More »

Choosing Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon- 5 Qualifications to Look For

Gorgeous ethnic rhinoplasty results start with the right surgeon. With so many choices, how do you choose? Start by talking to family and friends and recommendations and schedule consultations with a few of your top picks. Look for these important qualifications as you narrow your choices and select the right surgeon. Natural Looking Results A… Read More »

Is Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty a Type of Open or Closed Rhinoplasty?

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the term “Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty”. In reality, it is a type of rhinoplasty performed on patients of Middle Eastern descent. Middle Eastern rhinoplasty can be performed many different ways and using many different techniques. If your genetic heritage comes from countries like Iraq, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc., call… Read More »

Rhinoplasty on the Middle Eastern Nose

Performing ethnic rhinoplasty for our clients is a special treat. Of course we want to make everyone comfortable with his or her facial features but working on the ethnic nose can be especially satisfying. This is because we and many of our clients feel very strongly about the need to preserve the distinct ethnic features,… Read More »