Why Try Microneedling with PRP?

There are many different controllable and uncontrollable factors when it comes to aging. As people age, they start to notice the looseness in their skin, droopiness of their face, and skin pigmentation as a result of sun damage. Personal habits and environmental elements subconsciously accelerate aging. To reverse the effects and slow down the aging… Read More »

Middle Eastern Full Rhinoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is a very difficult sub-specialty within rhinoplasty. It is crucial that you choose an Orange County plastic surgeon that truly understands the intricacies of a Middle Eastern nose and strives to preserve ethnic identity. Expert Middle Eastern rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian has extensive knowledge and experience that separates him from other surgeons… Read More »

Which Brow Lift is Right for You?

In Orange County, when we evaluate someone for brow lift surgery we start with examining the position of the brow.  There are two basic things that can determine which brow lift surgery is right for you: the height of the brow in relation to the orbital rim and the shape of the brow.  These two factors help guide the… Read More »

Looking Younger in Orange County

What does young look like to you? Many of our Orange County plastic surgery clients don’t come in asking for a full overhaul. Most simply come in asking for a specific procedure to make them look younger. There are usually areas that they just want a plastic surgeon to “touch up” before “aging” takes over. For the… Read More »

Mommy Makeovers: Caring for You… (Part 2)

Continued from Mommy Makeovers: Caring for You… (part 1) Addressing the myths associated with Mommy Makeovers… 3. Diet and exercise can get you back to your original shape, if you simply work hard enough. Not always… While diet and exercise are the best and preferred way to lose weight and get a toned body, muscle separation… Read More »

Eyelid Surgery in Newport Beach

Blepharoplasty (also known as eyelid surgery) is hugely popular here in the Newport Beach area.  Surgery done on the eyelids can improve the overall appearance of the eyes and face by making eyes look more vibrant.  The surgery is extremely popular among Asians since most Asians are born with small appearing eyes and blepharoplasty can significantly affect the… Read More »