How Can Plastic Surgery Rejuvenate Your Facial Appearance?

Is there anything more attractive than high cheekbones and a harmonious balance of facial features? Check out any fashion magazine or website and appreciate the beauty of the men and women displayed on the pages. These youthful contours have been the standard of desirability for as long as most of us can remember. But as we age, our mid-face tends to flatten and lose shape. In addition, this reduction in cheek volume accentuates sagging skin, resulting in an aged appearance.

The artistic addition of precise volume to your face can restore, recontour, and subtly fill these voids, rejuvenating without a noticeably “worked-on” look. Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian can help his patients rejuvenate their facial appearance with surgical intervention or minimally invasive treatments.

Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery offers dramatic, long-lasting outcomes, leaving no trace of the work done. Dr. Sajjadian employs multiple surgical rejuvenation enhancements designed to bring more proportion to your appearance

Cheek and Chin Implants

Facial bone structure plays an essential role in someone’s overall beauty. Therefore, patients who feel they have a weak jawline or disproportionate facial features can benefit from these specifically designed implants. Cheek and chin implants remain highly sought-after solutions because they successfully enhance facial contours by emphasizing cheekbones and defining the jawline.

Cheek and chin implants entail positioning a synthetic implant over the natural cheekbone. Women and men often seek this operation to resolve mid-face flatness. And a chin augmentation is a popular procedure to combine with rhinoplasty or a facelift for comprehensive facial refinement.

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Dr. Sajjadian uses cheek and chin implants to address the following concerns.

  • Cheekbones: Make them more pronounced and pleasing.
  • Hollow cheeks: This issue may be congenital, resulting from the natural aging process or disease.

Dr. Sajjadian uses only the most advanced implant devices to deliver optimal results. He understands that facial appearance is critical in defining a person’s identity and incorporates the most sophisticated, FDA-approved materials and technologies to ensure the highest quality. As a result, these implants have a natural, anatomically correct contour and will integrate well into most faces.

The procedure is straightforward, starting with a small incision under the lower eyelid or beside the upper lip. Next, Dr. Sajjadian creates a small pocket to insert the implant into the cheek. The facial implants significantly improve cheek fullness for patients who struggle with a sunken, gaunt appearance. In addition, Dr. Sajjadian regularly recommends chin implants to rhinoplasty patients to balance and bring symmetry to facial proportions.


A surgical facelift will reposition and tighten underlying tissue to youthful contours and remove any excess skin. The results are subtle but astounding, shaving as much as 10 years off your facial appearance. In addition, it addresses drooping cheeks, neck, and jawline with discreetly hidden incisions. As an experienced facelift surgeon, Dr. Sajjadian works to bring a natural, younger appearance to the mid-face by gently repositioning submental tissue and fat and redraping the remaining skin.

A facelift makes age only a number by targeting the adverse effects of aging. It addresses flaws like wrinkles, lines, and folds, softening them and making them less noticeable. The long-lasting results appeal to most patients, lasting a decade or more.

Dr. Sajjadian has the knowledge and surgical skill each patient needs to achieve their ideal appearance. With various surgical and non-surgical offerings, he can help you find the right combination of treatments to meet your unique goals.

A facelift addresses common facial aging signs, including:

  • Creases in the middle and lower face
  • Definition loss in the lower face, including appearance of a double chin and jowls
  • Excess facial skin and fat
  • Softening facial contours
  • Shifted or displaced facial fat
  • Facial muscle tone loss

Fat Grafting

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a minimally invasive plastic surgery procedure that uses the patient’s body fat from a predetermined site to restore facial volume. This technique can correct sunken cheeks and hollow-looking eyes, smooth deep folds, resolve fine lines, and plump thin lips. It can also improve the appearance of pitted scars.

In performing a fat transfer, Dr. Sajjadian can restore lost volume to the cheek area by extracting natural tissue from donor area like the abdomen or thighs and carefully injecting it into specific areas of your face. The process is safe and effective and causes no risk from an allergic reaction.

Under a skilled surgeon’s supervision, a fat graft can produce long-lasting, natural-looking, and beautiful outcomes.

Non-Surgical Facial Treatments

Non-surgical treatments from Dr. Sajjadian’s Medspa offer similar results as surgical intervention without extensive recovery. They effectively deliver outstanding benefits for anyone who is not ready for anesthesia, sutures, or prolonged downtime.

Profound RF

Profound RF is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment effective for the body and face. It delivers radiofrequency energy with microneedling to tighten sagging skin and reduce wrinkles and other effects of aging by bolstering the body’s natural production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, the building blocks that keep skin pliable and firm.

The treatment is popular around the cheeks and mouth, neck, and jawline to treat jowls. It also serves well on the body to soften stretch marks and scars, firm sagging skin, and reduce cellulite.

The temperature-controlled Profound device employs microneedles to deliver RF energy directly into the skin’s lower layer, where most collagen fibers reside. The RF microneedling gives Dr. Sajjadian real-time feedback on its energy level and the precise temperature of the treated tissue. This makes it easier to control wound levels and stimulates a healing reaction that renovates skin textures.

This non-surgical treatment can rejuvenate the cheeks by stimulating collagen production and the body’s natural capacity to smooth wrinkles and firm skin in the target area. In addition, profound RF effectively resolves emerging aging signs, much like the benefits of facelift surgery.

Fine lines and wrinkles are the most common concerns for patients considering plastic surgery. Various procedures are available to effectively resolve these emerging signs of age and weight fluctuations, like post-bariatric body contouring, a brow liftliposuction, eyelid lift, or facelift.

The positive benefits from these surgeries are well-documented. However, many patients shy away from surgery due to the potential risks and downtime associated with each procedure. Fortunately, Profound RF offers an alternative option with significant improvements in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles, and cellulite – Profound microneedling with radiofrequency.

IPL Photofacial

Patients requiring an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and poor skin texture have the option of an IPL photofacial. This advanced skin rejuvenation procedure incorporates state-of-the-art technology to improve skin conditions.

Intense pulsed light provides an advanced non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment employing sophisticated technology to penetrate deep below the skin surface. It triggers blood vessels to constrict and encourages collagen production to create younger-looking skin.

Dr. Sajjadian is one of the few Newport Beach plastic surgeons to provide IPL photofacials. He has helped hundreds of patients throughout the Orange County communities.

Dermal Fillers

Dr. Sajjadian offers non-surgical dermal fillers for quick, convenient lunchtime treatments to offset lost cheek volume.

Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid gel that can work wonders in the cheek area. This family of products is ideal for mid-face augmentation, replacing volume loss, and rejuvenating the skin without needing anesthesia, incisions, sutures, or downtime.

Radiesse® acts as a platform to promote the formation of new tissue beneath hollow cheeks. In addition, it supports surrounding tissues through fibroblastic ingrowth. The injectable is available with lidocaine, which helps relieve any discomfort with the injections.

Restylane® is an excellent option to improve cheek contour and fullness with natural-looking results. The anti-aging resolution often addresses volume loss to restore youthful appearances. When you add contouring in your cheek area, it can create a drastic structural change.

Sculptra® is a poly-L-lactic dermal filler that stimulates collagen regeneration, ideal for facial enhancements. Nothing is more critical to adding youthful volume than the collagen protein, which supports structure and skin cells.

Why Choose Dr. Sajjadian’s Expertise?

Dr. Sajjadian has dedicated his practice to helping all his patients look and feel their best. He has extensive training, experience, and a reputation as one of the country’s best plastic surgeons. Our Newport Beach office offers various surgical and non-surgical facial enhancements, including facelifts, brow lifts, eyelid lifts, and cheek and chin implants.

Please schedule a consultation for more information about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. Sajjadian will assess your facial contours, listen to your concerns, and create a detailed surgical plan with your input.

To learn how plastic surgery can rejuvenate your facial appearance and which option is best for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian today!

The Holidays Are Right Around the Corner! Here’s How You Can Look and Feel Your Best During the Holiday Season

Autumn is many people’s favorite time of year. With Halloween only a couple of weeks away and Thanksgiving less than a month after that, the holidays will be here before you know it. Are you ready?

Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian offers the safest, most reliable cosmetic enhancements in aesthetic medicine. He uses the most advanced techniques to enhance facial features, body contours, and breast fullness, elevation, and size. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your appearance and want to look and feel your best for the holidays, here are some procedures to consider to make this holiday season memorable.


Does your nose distract from your facial beauty? If so, Dr. Sajjadian is one of the most recognized rhinoplasty surgeons in Orange County for helping reshape and resize nasal contours. He not only performs various rhinoplasty techniques like ethnic rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and a non-surgical nose job, but he also regularly lectures on the intricacies of these complex operations/

Rhinoplasty helps men and women find balance and symmetry to enhance facial appearances. The surgery takes a skilled and dedicated surgeon who has countless hours of training and experience delivering outstanding results.


When facial tissues surrender to gravity, creating unsightly wrinkles, folds, and jowls, Dr. Sajjadian recommends a facelift to take a decade or more off your appearance. Unlike popular dermal filler injections, facelift surgery offers long-lasting benefits to help men and women age gracefully without anyone suspecting they’ve had work done.

Though the signs of aging can arrive at different times and affect some people earlier than others, if you’re 40 or older, you might be an excellent facelift candidate.

Brow Lift

Though Botox® remains the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure, its results only last three to four months, on average. In contrast, a brow lift addresses many of the same concerns, but offers much longer-lasting results.

Sagging skin on the forehead and around the eyes can adversely affect your overall appearance, making you look tired and worn, with a permanent scowl. Dr. Sajjadian can address these concerns with various brow lift techniques to make you look younger, alert, and joyful for your holiday events.

Eyelid Lift

This advanced cosmetic procedure addresses the delicate skin of the upper and lower eyelids that become puffy and droopy with age. Blepharoplasty aims to help patients with prominent undereye bags, wrinkles, or excess skin.

Performed as an outpatient procedure, an eyelid lift is a quick and convenient operation to have you looking young and refreshed in a matter of weeks.

Breast Lift

A mastopexy lifts the breasts into a youthful elevation for women with sagging breasts, delivering that beautiful and sensual upward curve. It reinforces underlying breast tissue that loses its pliability with hormonal changes, pregnancy, and significant weight loss.

The results enhance breast appearance and boost self-confidence. If you desire a more dramatic outcome, consider combining the procedure with implants.

Breast Augmentation

Many women seek the services of a skilled surgeon to make their breasts stand out with natural, stunning results. In performing one of the most widely requested cosmetic procedures in Southern California and the United States, Dr. Sajjadian can help women enhance breast size and shape by positioning breast implants to improve contours and balance.

There are multiple breast augmentation options to choose from, and Dr. Sajjadian is an expert in helping you find the solution that will make you look your best for the holidays and beyond.


Liposuction is a procedure for men and women who struggle with unwanted fat bulges on their hips, abdomen, back, breasts, and arms. While diet and exercise is the preferred method to eliminate excess fat from the body, you may be genetically predisposed to accumulate fat from these specific trouble zones, no matter how diligent you are.

Liposuction permanently removes unwanted fat cells to improve body contours and help men and women feel comfortable in their skin. It also allows you to wear your favorite outfits that you may have pushed to the back of your closet because they are uncomfortably revealing.

Tummy Tuck

This popular body sculpting procedure reinforces the abdominal wall while eliminating excess skin and fat. It delivers a taut, tight tummy to look great in a bathing suit or that favorite formal gown. You will look stunning after your tummy tuck for your holiday parties and turn heads in the process.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Think Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez when you think Brazilian butt lift. This fat grafting procedure gives a woman that sensual, full bottom that attracts so many stares. Feel confident entering or leaving a room with a derriere that perfectly fills out jeans, dresses, or that favorite formal gown.


Surgery is not always necessary to look your best for the holidays. Dermal fillers, Botox®, radiofrequency skin treatments, and chemical peels are great ways to look younger with beautiful facial contours and healthy skin.

Choose the treatment that best works for your cosmetic concerns from our extensive MedSpa menu. You will be in the best of hands to help you look stunning for that office party or relaxing at home with family and friends.

Choose Only the Best

We understand you have many options for cosmetic improvement and plastic surgery. If you need help in learning more about the treatments we offer from one of the best aesthetic surgeons in the United States, give us a call. Dr. Sajjadian wants to help you look your best for the holidays and beyond.

Call our Newport Beach office at (949) 515-0550 or contact us today to set up your consultation.

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Top 5 Facial Procedures in Newport Beach

Woman with eyes closed - Facial rejuvination

With our beautiful weather in Southern California, most people enjoy spending time outdoors. Comfortable temperatures and low humidity make for comfortable outings at the beach, on walking trails, or in a boat exploring the open sea. 

But with so much time outside, your skin is vulnerable to the elements. Given time, sun, wind, and other factors like pollution can wreak havoc on your skin health and beauty. To counter these environmental effects, it makes sense to have a plan. 

As one of the top plastic surgeons in America, double board-certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian understands each patient has different needs and facial anatomy. That’s why he customizes each approach for cosmetic improvement to the person’s unique goals, lifestyle, and need. 

Facial aging is a complex process involving the repositioning of facial tissues that allows the face to sag.  When facial fat and tissues fall, the skin sags and stretches, causing a noticeable aging effect. That’s when you need a plan engineered by an aesthetic professional like Dr. Sajjadian. 

To help, we’ve listed five of the top facial rejuvenation procedures for Orange County and Newport Beach residents. 

1. Facelift

facelift offers a long-term solution that delivers impressive results. As with any procedure, it is crucial to have a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon perform this operation to avoid an unnatural, “worked-on” appearance.

Dr. Sajjadian may recommend less invasive procedures to promote minimal discomfort and a quicker recovery. With mini-facelifts, short-scar facelifts, and endoscopic facelifts, patients needing less correction can reduce recovery while still getting excellent results. These operations can minimize incision length and make them less visible by concealing them within the hairline, making any resulting scarring discreet.

Dr. Sajjadian may suggest combing your facelift with other facial enhancements like facial implants or liposuction. He will discuss your goals with an in-depth consultation to devise your personalized facial rejuvenation plan. 

2. Brow Lift

Dr. Sajjadian performs various advanced brow lift procedures, including an endoscopic brow lift incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to minimize potential scarring. During the operation, he creates micro-incisions in the hairline to insert an endoscopic instrument for clear visualization of the brow and forehead area. He removes excess fat, skin, and tissues on target areas to deliver an overall smoother, tauter appearance with fewer wrinkles, creases,  and fine lines.  

3. Eyelid Surgery

Loose skin around the eyes can cause a tired and worn-out expression, adding years to your appearance. Even if you maintain a diligent skin care routine, some conditions are inevitable, like persistent undereye circles or drooping lids. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that lifts the eyelid skin and repositions tissue to enhance a youthful facial presence.  

As one of the thinnest-skinned areas on the body, the eyelid is sensitive to surgical alterations. It is why patients who need eyelid surgery need the services of a highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive experience in performing blepharoplasty. 

Eyelid surgery is an exact cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat, skin, and muscle from the lower and upper eyelids. Patients with prominent drooping eyelids, wrinkles, and excess skin travel long distances to Newport Beach for Dr. Sajjadian’s outstanding expertise and care.

4. Neck Lift

The neck is one of the first parts of the body to show signs of aging. As skin loses elasticity, many patients experience weakened neck muscles or loose skin, producing a double chin. When a patient loses a significant amount of weight, sagging skin may ensue, leaving the appearance of what many call a turkey wattle.  

The neck lift is an advanced cosmetic surgery procedure designed to remove excess skin and fat from the neck area to improve weakened tissue structure. It helps patients achieve a more rested and younger appearance with quick recovery. 

Dr. Sajjadian performs a neck lift as a stand-alone procedure or with other facial enhancements for optimal results. Depending on your needs, he may recommend a neck lift with rhinoplasty or additional procedures to deliver the best possible aesthetic outcome. 

5. Lip Enhancement

As one of the more sensual parts of the body, plump, full lips are more appealing. Women, young and old, seek smooth lips often featured in fashion magazines. 

The keyhole pout and Cupid’s bow made famous by celebrities like Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie are youthful attributes. But because lips tend to lose shape and volume with age, they become thin and undefined, providing a new source of wrinkles and fine lines.

Dr. Sajjadian’s goal with lip enhancement is to deliver natural-looking full, soft, and well-proportioned lips. He will discuss the possibilities with you during a private consultation to help you decide if lip enhancement can achieve the sensual look you are after, or if an alternative procedure will be better for you.

Why Dr. Sajjadian?

Dr. Sajjadian holds double-board-certified status from the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgeons, the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He has extensive experience in all facial enhancements to help his patients look their best to boost self-esteem. 

To learn more about the procedures we offer, including facial enhancements, breast surgeries, body contouring, and non-invasive skin treatments, contact our Newport Beach surgical center today. 

For more information about Dr. Sajjadian and his practice in Newport Beach, CA, call 949-515-0550 or fill out this online form to arrange your consultation today.

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Plastic Surgery Trends for 2021

In 2020, it was a typical period for plastic surgery until about mid-March. Then the world flipped on its head. Covid-19 protocols affected every aspect of our lives, including cosmetic enhancements. It was a time when pandemic precautions and financial constraints affected many of us in Southern California.  

You might think that cosmetic improvements were low on the priority list for most people. However, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons data is showing quite the opposite. In the past year, aesthetic procedures have been on the rise and show no sign of stopping. Currently, what’s trending in plastic surgery for 2021 are:

Looking forward to 2021, many plastic surgeons have predicted that some favorite and new procedures will trend. Here, we’ll take a look at what’s likely to bring men and women into their cosmetic surgeon’s office in the New Year.

Breast Augmentation

Pandemic or no pandemic, a woman’s breasts seem to garner a lot of attention, in public and in the operation room. Last year breast augmentation was again one of the more popular cosmetic surgeries in medicine. And we expect the same for this year as well.

Enhancing this part of a woman’s body has always been critical for her. The breasts, in a lot of ways, define her femininity. And after pregnancy and nursing, many women choose to seek those breast contours they had before children.

Learn more about breast augmentation

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Speaking of fat transfer procedures, we think you’ll hear more about fat transfer breast augmentation in 2021. This type of breast augmentation utilizes a patient’s own unwanted fat from other body regions to enhance the breasts with soft, lasting fullness.

A few of the perks include shorter recovery times and fewer risks or concerns related to implant devices.

A special bra designed to apply gentle suction to breasts helps pre-expand the tissue allowing for size increases. Though the cup sizes possible through this method are more subtle than breast implants, many women can expect to increase by 8-ounces if desired.

Learn more about fat grafting to the breasts


Removing unwanted fat pads from strategic areas has been a staple of body contouring for decades. Liposuction helps women and men close to their healthy weight. Still, it needs help eliminating stubborn bulges in places like the breasts, abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

Also, liposuction can be done concurrently with other body shaping procedures like breast lift, tummy tuck, and Brazilian butt lift.

Learn more about liposuction


Facial beauty and appearance are essential to most people, especially in Newport Beach and Orange County’s fast-paced business areas. When the nose is out of balance with the rest of your face, it can affect your appearance.

Rhinoplasty is designed to restructure the nose for aesthetic improvement or function. It is one of the more complex of all plastic surgeries and takes a dedicated surgeon’s expertise.

Learn more about rhinoplasty

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty has been popular for many years. It’s a relatively quick and straightforward cosmetic surgery that can dramatically brighten and rejuvenate the eye area. However, because mask-wearing seems to be here to stay, surgeons predict extra attention on the eyes. With much of the face covered, we expect many people to focus on this particular area.

Eyelid surgery can be done for the upper lids, lower eyelids, or both. Removing a small ellipse of sagging skin, smoothing away puffy eye bags, and revealing more of the upper eyelids can take years off a person’s appearance. If you’re tired of looking tired, this might be the solution for you.

Learn more about blepharoplasty

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a plastic surgery designed to reinforce the abdominal wall while removing excess fat and skin. During pregnancy or weight fluctuation, the abdominal muscles can stretch to the point of no return, leaving the belly sagging with loose tissue and skin.

A tummy tuck will remove excess tissues and bind the muscles together with absorbable sutures. It will ensure a taut, tighter tummy that can help a woman with her figure and wardrobe.

Learn more about abdominoplasty

Non-Invasive Skin Tightening with Profound RF

A state-of-the-art non-surgical skin tightening device, Profound RF reduces visible facial wrinkles and cellulite. Using a combination of radiofrequency (RF) energy and ultrafine microneedling, the procedure stimulates your body’s natural capacity for skin regeneration to smooth out wrinkles and eliminate cellulite.

The results of Profound RF treatments can be enduring and will decline only along with the skin’s normal aging process. Although it can’t freeze your skin in time, Profound can certainly turn back the clock!

Learn more about Profound RF

Combination Treatments

As technology advances and surgical techniques allow for rapid recovery, more people are choosing to combine procedures. Nonsurgical treatments such as c02 laser skin tightening or cosmetic injectables are combined with facelifts, brow lifts, and eyelid surgery.

A comprehensive facial rejuvenation is possible for the face and neck during one convenient procedure booking. Fat grafting also compliments face and body surgeries to add natural and lasting volume where people want it most. Convenience is desirable, and we expect combinations are here to stay.

Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Sajjadian

More Newport Beach cosmetic surgery patients are taking advantage of the time at home and remote working to recover from cosmetic procedures in private. Scheduling time off to rejuvenate your appearance might have been a hassle in the past but is becoming easier.

Newport Beach’s double board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sajjadian invites you to a personal consultation where you can share your goals, questions, and concerns. Whether virtual or in-person, your consultation will involve a detailed discussion of your procedure pros and cons. You will receive honest feedback and expert guidance to help you choose what’s right for you. 

Discover all the ways you can step into the New Year as a brighter, revitalized version of yourself. Contact our Newport Beach, CA surgical center at 949-515-0550 today. You can also visit Dr. Sajjadian’s before and after photo gallery to see his actual patients’ results.

How a Rhinoplasty Procedure Can Increase your Breathing Ability

If you feel your nose is out of balance with your facial features, crooked or misshapen, you might begin researching rhinoplasty (a nose job) to improve what you don’t like.

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery for men and women, but people don’t always realize there are techniques used to improve both form and function.

Limited or obstructed breathing issues are common for people of all backgrounds, and this frustrating issue can usually be addressed through nasal obstruction correction procedures.

Dr. Sajjadian’s patients look forward to transformative changes when they seek nose surgery for appearance, but the impact on their quality of life after improving breathing is advantageous too. In many cases, the best of both worlds is achieved for patients who straighten a deviated septum or other functional issues while improving the way the nose looks.

As a renowned and double board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Sajjadian has been published extensively and is sought-after because of his advanced rhinoplasty expertise. Here is an overview of one of his top facial surgeries.

What Is Septorhinoplasty?

Breathing problems may be related to obstructed nasal air passages due to:

  • nasal bone and cartilage asymmetry
  • vestibular stenosis
  • turbinate enlargement
  • deviated septum
  • nasal valve collapse

The cartilage and bone that separates your nostrils are referred to as your septum. A septoplasty refers to the procedure that specifically targets the septum for correction. A septorhinoplasty will address abnormal internal structures to improve airflow and improve the appearance of your nose. It’s a combination of rhinoplasty and septum alteration.

Nasal obstruction correction procedures may include septoplasty, turbinate removal, correction of nasal fracture or deviated septum, cartilage grafts, or a combination of these procedures. Straightening the bones and cartilage in an individual’s nose sometimes dramatically improves their facial proportions and balance without that being the primary intention. Dr. Sajjadian will evaluate you to find the method that is most suitable to your concerns and expectations.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty for Breathing?

So many of the benefits of rhinoplasty are also relevant for functional nose surgery. People often feel much more confident about their facial proportions and the deep relief of breathing freely every day. In most cases, the improved function is appreciated immediately, even while healing.

Septorhinoplasty patients improve sleep, snoring, ease of breathing, and often gain a straighter-looking nose.


What Does Septorhinoplasty Involve?

This operation is done under a general anesthetic and may take between 1-3 hours on average. Dr. Sajjadian uses a discrete incision between the nostrils to gain access to support structures within. Some misshapen or excessive cartilage and bone can be removed, and the wall between your nostrils will be repositioned and straightened so that both sides breathe freely.

During this procedure, a nasal hump can be diminished, the nose tip refined, and other cosmetic alterations made. It is also possible to have just a septoplasty done and keep your nose looking as close to the original as possible.

Patients can go home the same day as their procedure and recover in comfort with a few activity restrictions.

Who Makes A Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing?

You may be an ideal candidate for a septoplasty if:

  • You find yourself losing sleep because of obstructed breathing or snoring at night
  • You are a mouth breather
  • You’re aware that you have a deviated septum
  • You want a cosmetic change and improved nose function

Schedule A Consultation with Dr. Sajjadian To Learn More

Rhinoplasty is a personal decision and entirely customizable for each patient. Newport Beach’s Dr. Sajjadian will personally consult with you to understand your goals, questions, and concerns. Your consultation will involve a detailed medical examination and discussion of your procedure pros and cons.

When you’ve decided to proceed, our experienced and caring staff will support you through your journey. Find out what’s possible when you contact our Newport Beach, CA surgical center. Call 949-515-0550 today. Also be sure to view Dr. Sajjadian’s before and after gallery to see his actual rhinoplasty patients.

How Young Is Too Young for Rhinoplasty?


When you hate your nose, waiting for rhinoplasty can feel like torture. This is true at any age, but our teenage patients are especially anxious and excited for surgery day. Many have endured teasing about their nasal appearance or spent years with a nose that doesn’t quite fit their expectations. In adulthood, rhinoplasty can be performed at almost any age, but during the early teen years, it may to be too early for this surgical correction.  

How young is too young for rhinoplasty? Here’s what you need to know about age and cosmetic rhinoplasty from double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian. 


Teen Rhinoplasty Statistics

Rhinoplasty is the top cosmetic surgery performed on teens. In 2017, the most recent year with available statistics, more than 30,000 nose reshaping procedures were performed on U.S. patients between the ages of 13-19. This accounted for approximately 14% of all rhinoplasties performed that year. 

Rhinoplasty is popular with both male and female patients. Females account for about three-quarters of all rhinoplasties, and male patients about one-quarter. We find that the male to female ratio is similar for both adult and teen patients. 

At our Southern California plastic surgery practice, we regularly meet with teens that are considering rhinoplasty. We perform both cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty procedures. 


Is My Nose Ready for Rhinoplasty?

Most of the time, nasal surgery is best performed after the nose reaches its full adult size. Development timelines vary, but this typically occurs in the mid to late teens. Girls reach facial maturity sooner than boys. Our youngest rhinoplasty patients are usually between the ages of 15-16 for female patients and 16-17 for male patients. 

When you come in for a surgical consultation, Dr. Sajjadian will assess facial development to determine if your nose is physically ready for rhinoplasty. If you’re not quite there physically, be patient. You can receive nasal surgery in your teens, 20s, 30s, and beyond, but you can’t reverse rhinoplasty after it has occurred. 


What Happens If Rhinoplasty Is Performed Before the Nose Is Full Developed?

Facial development is a complex process. Surgery while the face and nose are developing has the potential to disrupt and change the normal course of growth. Dr. Sajjadian recommends waiting to perform nasal surgery until the nose is full developed. 

Dr. Sajjadian takes rhinoplasty very seriously and is meticulous about his results. By performing the procedure on a full-sized nose, he has complete control over the final outcomes. If surgery is performed before the nose is fully developed, growth may change its appearance, leaving the patient with a less than satisfactory result. 

We want our patients to only need nasal surgery once. Waiting until your nose is fully developed will reduce the chances of complications and revision surgery later. 

Of course, there are a few exceptions to this guideline. Patients with nasal trauma or injury may require rhinoplasty sooner. We also perform nasal surgery on children with some facial deformities, like cleft palate. 


Emotional Readiness for Cosmetic Surgery- Just as Important as Physical Readiness

Age isn’t the only factor to consider when determining readiness for cosmetic surgery. Just as important, possible more so, is the emotional maturity and readiness of a patient. Dr. Sajjadian is experienced working with both teens and adults to assess their emotional state prior to surgery. He only performs surgery on patients that he feels are in an appropriate mental state to consent to surgery. 

The teen years are a time of rapid emotional and cognitive development and change. Childlike thinking begins to transition into complex adult thought. However, this is a process and takes many years. Some adolescents aren’t ready to make lifelong decisions about nasal surgery. 

One of the hallmarks of early adolescent thinking is a focus on self. Young teens often undergo a self-centered period. Many believe that they are under constant observation and judgement from others. For some teens, this leads to excessive worry about appearance, and possibly aesthetic nasal concerns that aren’t fully valid. 

Other teens may want plastic surgery but have unrealistic expectations about its effects. They may believe that the surgery will be life changing, resolving social and popularity problems and changing their emotional state. 

Teens with these thought patterns may need to wait for rhinoplasty. A patient that is emotionally and cognitively ready will understand that nose reshaping only shapes the nose. Problems and frustrations will still exist after surgery and life certainly won’t be perfect. Patients need to choose cosmetic surgery for themselves, and not to achieve the ideal of someone else. It is also important that patients understand the limits of the procedure and have a realistic idea of what their new nose will look like. 

If a patient isn’t emotionally ready for surgery, psychological counseling may be able to help. We want our teen patients to be happy and confident, not choosing surgery as a band-aid to other problems. 

Rhinoplasty and Teens- What a Parent Needs to Know

As a parent, you want the best for your children. Figuring out what’s best is often the biggest challenge. We invite parents and teens to come into our Newport Beach plastic surgery office for a consultation. To make an informed choice about rhinoplasty for your child, you need information. 

Dr. Sajjadian collaborates with both teens and parents during a teenage rhinoplasty consultation. He realizes that both parent and child will have concerns and questions. We welcome parents to the consultation and pre and post-surgical checks. There may be times that Dr. Sajjadian will need to speak to your child without you, or to you without your child, so be prepared to accommodate this if requested. 

These tips will help you create a more successful experience for your child as they prepare for surgery. 

  • Don’t Suggest Rhinoplasty- Let your teen make the surgery decision themselves. Our goal isn’t to create cookie cutter noses. It is to help people achieve a nose they love. Your teen may like their unique nasal appearance. Don’t suggest that something is wrong with someone else’s appearance unless they tell you it is. 
  • Support, but Let Them Decide- Parent support is essential for a teen rhinoplasty. Ultimately, the decision is theirs, not yours. Empower your child with information and options but let them make the final choice. 
  • It’s Okay to Wait- If you and your child are certain that rhinoplasty is the right choice, do it now. If everyone isn’t 100% sure, it is okay to wait. Nasal surgery can happen later. 
  • Give Your Child Space to Learn- Surgery permanently changes the body. This needs to be a decision that your child owns. Give them space and freedom to talk with Dr. Sajjadian and to communicate needs. This is an adult decision, so empower your child to make it properly. 

We are here to support you and your child throughout the surgical process. Let us know how we can best meet your needs. 

Scheduling Your Teenage Rhinoplasty- Our Tips for Getting the Timing Right

Timing rhinoplasty for a teen or young adult requires a little pre-planning. Schedules are busy and it can be hard to find several weeks without any commitments. 

We recommend taking at least two weeks off from work or school after nasal surgery. Most patients feel substantially better before this, but this extended downtime is primarily for social comfort. Bruising and swelling are very common after nasal surgery and can last for a few weeks. A little extra downtime ensures that patients are comfortable with their appearance when getting back to regular lift. 

Of course, missing two weeks or more of school isn’t usually advisable. We encourage our school aged patients to schedule their surgeries over the summer or during extended holiday breaks from classes. Our teen and young adult patients are often very concerned about appearance and do not like returning to their social lives while bruised or heavily swollen.

Timing is also a factor if you participate in sports like baseball, soccer, football, or wrestling. We’ll work with you to time your procedure around your athletic seasons. 

Sports After Rhinoplasty

Many of our high school and college aged rhinoplasty patients are active in sports and athletics. Many are planning to continue pursuing these activities in college and beyond. If you’re an athlete, make sure you tell Dr. Sajjadian. Some athletic activities aren’t recommended after nasal surgery for several months or longer. 

Patients look and feel great a few weeks after cosmetic nose reshaping, but the healing process isn’t complete. The bones and cartilage take time to heal. During the first few months, your nose is much more tender, and prone to injury if contact occurs. 

Sports and athletic events are some of the biggest causes of nasal injuries. Dr. Sajjadian often repairs nasal damage from high school, college, and professional athletes. And don’t forget about amateurs. You can be injured just as badly in that park pick-up game as you can in a professional sports stadium, and sometimes even more seriously since proper protective equipment probably wasn’t used. 

We ask our patients to be careful after rhinoplasty. Your nose is weaker than it was before, especially while you’re still healing. If an injury occurs, it can ruin the beautiful results Dr. Sajjadian created, and a revision rhinoplasty may be required to repair the damage. 

Timing for returning to sports depends on the type of activities you participate in. 

  • Immediately- Walking can be resumed almost immediately after rhinoplasty. 
  • 2 Weeks Post-Surgery- Dr. Sajjadian will clear you to resume light exercise, including limited weight training, after a week or two. 
  • 3 Weeks Post-Surgery- Patients can resume cardio, but only at a 50% heart rate. 
  • 5 Weeks Post-Surgery- Dr. Sajjadian typically clears patients to return to yoga, cardio, and full weight training after five weeks. 
  • 6 Weeks Post-Surgery– Swimming is safe at six weeks post-surgery. Patients can also resume all activities other than contact sports. 

The longest wait is for contact sports, like football and wrestling. We recommend waiting at least 6 months to resume these activities and using appropriate nose protection. 

Not Ready for Rhinoplasty? Consider a Non-Surgical Nose Job Instead

Dr. Sajjadian performs many rhinoplasties on patients in their teens and 20s each year. He also advises many patients in these age groups to wait a little longer. If you’re not ready for surgery, for whatever reason, we may have nose reshaping options available. Ask Dr. Sajjadian how you can shape your nose without surgery. 

A non-surgical nose job uses fillers to shape and contour the nose in just 15 minutes. This is an advanced injection technique that should only be performed by a highly skilled injector, like Dr. Sajjadian. Dermal fillers are injected into the nose and surrounding tissues. This option provides rhinoplasty quality results without surgery. Fillers are temporary and will require retreatment every few months to maintain nasal shape. 

With a surgical rhinoplasty, the options are endless. Dr. Sajjadian can increase and decrease size, smooth bumps and fill in depressions, and much more. With non-surgical nasal correction, we are more limited in the scope of what can be achieved. This procedure won’t reduce the size of the nose, but judicious filler placement can often reduce the appearance of the nose by bringing it into the better balance with the rest of the face. 

If you need to avoid surgery, this non-surgical option may be a good fit for changing the appearance of the nose. 

How young is too young for rhinoplasty? As you can see, there is no simple answer to this question. If you’re wondering about age and nasal surgery, it’s time for a rhinoplasty consultation in Newport Beach, CA. Call us at 949-515-0550 to schedule yours. We welcome teens and adults of any age to our practice to learn more about cosmetic, functional, and ethnic rhinoplasty options in Southern California.

What Makes Hispanic Rhinoplasty Unique?

We live in a diverse culture. We are a gumbo of humanity which offers distinct heritages, races, and customs, and different backgrounds and cultures can unite to form an exceptional community which offers something unique for everyone. Dr. Sajjadian’s knowledge and expertise in ethnic rhinoplasty will do just that.

Latino or Hispanic refers to people with Central and South American, Portuguese and Spanish heritage, as well as Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

Within the population of Southern California and beyond, many patients require the expertise of a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in rhinoplasty surgery. Although this surgery requires an understanding of different nasal structures among different ethnicities, double-board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian can deliver amazing rhinoplasty results to all of his patients no matter their heritage.

Hispanic patients are unique because of subtle anatomic considerations like a thick skin, nostril position and flare, and nose structure different than other ethnicities. Dr. Sajjadian understands these distinctions and the techniques necessary for a successful procedure.

What is Hispanic Rhinoplasty?

More than 50% of population growth of the United States in the first decade of the 21st century was an increase in the Latino population. Although Hispanics don’t represent the fastest growing ethnic group in the USA, they are still the largest minority, making them important to the plastic surgeons, especially in southern California.

Rhinoplasty is the most common facial plastic surgery performed worldwide, and Orange County and Newport Beach are not an exception. With this popularity comes an increased understanding that rhinoplasty cannot be a “one-size-fits-all” procedure, but rather requires a surgeon well versed in helping ethnic patients resolve their unique nose issues.

Hispanic rhinoplasty is cosmetic nose surgery with a focus on Hispanic anatomy. Many of our patients hail from all parts of the United States, Mexico, South America, and beyond and have a Latino heritage. As with all forms of rhinoplasty, understanding the common challenges within this special anatomy is crucial because it varies greatly from other ethnicities as well of those within the same category.

You could say a Latin heritage has diversity within itself with different regions having different anatomical traits. Patients of Central and South American heritage have distinct features from those with primarily a Spanish background. The various nose types typical for Hispanic rhinoplasty are:


What is trending in rhinoplasty surgery is a shift from the traditional aggressive procedures to a surgery where ethnic features are taken into consideration and preserved. There is no exception with the Mestizo patient. A step-by-step structural approach is necessary for positive results.

Mestizo means a “mixture of races.” They are a blend of the indigenous tribes which inhabited the local regions of the continent, Europeans (mostly Spanish) who conquered the lands in the 15th century, and Africans which were brought over with the slave trade. More European immigrants during World Wars I and II complete the mixture.

The Mestizo patient has a combination of European and Native American features with a wide tip and broad, thick skin. Dr. Sajjadian uses grafting and sutures to define nasal features and reinforce support structures resulting in satisfactory, long-term results. This type is considered the most challenging to improve aesthetically.


This nose type is of Spanish origin with some Caucasian mixed in as well. It has a high bridge and a normal tip projection. Dorsal reduction and tip revision are typically necessary for addressing aesthetic concerns.

The Castilian nose has a weighty effect on the balance of the patient’s facial features. While a prominent nose can make the chin look recessed or small in profile, a resizing of the nose will bring the patient’s chin into proportion with the rest of the face. This technique is often necessary with the Castilian type nose.


The Mexican-American nose is a mixture of the Mestizo’s nose and Castilian nose. It typically has a low radix (the root), a normal bridge, and a drooping tip. Grafting the radix or dorsum and revising the tip is a common technique.

General Ethnic Features

Hispanic noses possess an array of unique features when comparing them to Caucasian noses. They are wider, with a more bulbous tip, wider nostrils, and have thicker skin. They also have drooping tips with weak cartilage.

The Hispanic nose tends to have weak, soft cartilage in the nasal tip and a tip which droops. These features require a cartilage graft to achieve optimal levels of support and refinement. Dr. Sajjadian tailors his rhinoplasty experience to provide lift and definition for cosmetic improvements while retaining the unique Latin structure and character.

Common Requests

The Hispanic patients who consult us about rhinoplasty typically request a narrower base, a defined tip, and narrower nostrils. Dr. Sajjadian adapts each surgery to the patient’s unique facial anatomy. He also employs the latest technologies and most advanced instruments to achieve precise results with minimal downtime and recovery.

These results include a more rounded cheek and facial presence when compared to Caucasians, with the nose in complete harmony with the larger facial features. Although request comes for a Caucasian nose on a Hispanic patient, these results would look unnatural as the computer imaging will show. Because facial structures differ between Latinos and other ethnicities, a more refined nose is an optimal outcome.

Goals and Challenges of Hispanic Rhinoplasty

There are certain features of the Hispanic nose which make this ethnic rhinoplasty a challenge.  By utilizing a similar technique for Asians and African Americans, Dr. Sajjadian can take stronger cartilage from other facial parts to support the tip and the columella. Supporting the tip is the most important goal, once this is accomplished he can move to the next steps to a successful procedure including tip projection, refinement, rotation, and resistance to fall with age.

Once Dr. Sajjadian supports the tip, other improvements are possible like reducing flaring nostrils, narrowing the bridge, reducing the bump, and improving the profile.

The Hispanic Rhinoplasty Procedure

While performing Hispanic rhinoplasty, Dr. Sajjadian fortifies the cartilage which makes up the tip of the nose. He achieves this fortification by grafting cartilage from the patient’s nasal septum, rib or ear. The graft will allow the nasal cartilage to provide enough support for the thick skin. The reshaping of cartilage requires reducing the width and shaping a less rounded tip while preserving the patient’s natural Hispanic features.

When a patient has a high dorsal bump at the bridge of the nose, Dr. Sajjadian will remove any unnecessary bone and cartilage while smoothing the area. To improve the appearance of flared nostrils and a wide base, he may need to remove soft tissue which borders the nostril outline at its base. Removing a portion of soft tissue at the bottom edge of the nostrils may also be necessary.

Then the edges of the nose can be sutured together along the nasal midline to achieve narrower nostrils with less flare. It’s key to make sure any alterations to the base and the dorsal hump are subtle, so they come together seamlessly. This process will maintain the correct balance of face and nose.

Keys to a Successful Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Retaining the Ethnic Features – Most patients want to retain their cultural traits but improve nose contours and facial appearance.

Enhancing Facial Harmony – the patient’s bone structure, aesthetic contours, gender, ethnicity, and facial dimensions will determine their degree of facial harmony. It requires the nose to be compatible with other facial features. Dr. Sajjadian has extensive expertise, and technical knowledge necessary to create harmony which is appealing and in harmony with other facial features.

Maintaining Nasal Function – Because Dr. Sajjadian has extensive experience in also maintaining the stability of the nasal structures which is necessary for open air flow, he offers expert experience in maintaining or improving the patient’s ability to breath correctly.

Patient Satisfaction – Although the perfect nose is not possible, Dr. Sajjadian is committed to his patients being more than satisfied with the function and aesthetics of their rhinoplasty results. He believes patient satisfaction starts with the consultation. He wants to understand the goals and needs of each patient while communicating effectively what is and what isn’t possible with their procedure. With computer imaging and his extensive knowledge of anatomy, he can show the patient what they can expect from their results. During this process, you and Dr. Sajjadian can formulate a surgical plan together, with your input welcome.

Having a full understanding of the surgical experience will allow you to understand the surgical experience fully. Because rhinoplasty offers unique challenges with each patient, your specific goals may take some effort to understand as will the specific keys to a successful procedure is met. Once this happens, however, Dr. Sajjadian will be able to meet and exceed the goals determined during the consultation process.


When choosing Dr. Sajjadian, Hispanic rhinoplasty patients can be confident in achieving outstanding, long-lasting results. Ethnicity aside, rhinoplasty patients share the common goal of eliminating unwanted attention from their nose. Rhinoplasty should allow the nose to enhance facial appearance with more focus on other features like the skin and eyes. When the keys to successful rhinoplasty or met, the results will reflect a natural appearance, not one which looks “done” or artificial. The patient will look like before, only better.

Why Dr. Sajjadian?

Dr. Sajjadian is one of the most qualified plastic surgeons in America. With a focus on facial plastic surgery, he is board-certified by three institutions; American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

With these achievements, he is well recognized in Newport Beach, Orange County and around the world as an expert in plastic and reconstructive surgeries of the face and body.

Dr. Sajjadian has countless Hispanic patients who come to him seeking a nose job. His practice has a special focus on ethnic rhinoplasty and strives to give these patients the results and care they deserve. He is the past president of the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons and current president of the Rhinoplasty Society.

He has traveled the globe as a highly sought-after trainer, teacher, and speaker of ethnic rhinoplasty procedures. He is also recognized as Patient’s Best Choice Awards and America’s Top Plastic Surgeon for several years running.

To find out more about Hispanic rhinoplasty, call our Newport Beach office at 949-515-0550, or Contact Us.

Book These Procedures Now for a Flawless Holiday Season

Yes, summer is over, and fall is upon us. Although we don’t experience a dramatic change in seasons, it is still the best time to book cosmetic procedures to look your best for the upcoming holidays. Whether you are looking for surgical procedures or non-surgical treatments, double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, can provide the best care possible in Newport Beach to enhance your beauty or improve your body’s contour safely and effectively.

Although many residents of Southern California choose to stay home for the holidays, many of our patients travel to visit family and loved ones. This season is an important time for them, and they want to look their best. Facial beauty and a shapely figure are significant aesthetic concerns among many, and patients seek a procedure which will help them achieve their cosmetic goals in time to enjoy for the holidays. Some desired outcomes require surgery; others are possible with non-surgical treatments. Here are the procedures most popular this time of year.

Popular Surgical Procedures

Although surgical treatments require a longer recovery than their non-surgical counterparts, there are certain procedures which will give you the results you are looking for with only a few weeks necessary for recovery. They include:


Facial appearance is important to men and women in Newport Beach and around America. A facelift is designed to reverse the effects of aging by eliminating wrinkles and fine lines and increasing facial volume in the area below the eyes. A facelift will provide the confidence many of our patients seek right before reuniting with loved ones they haven’t seen for some time.

Other patients like this time of the year to plan for this surgery because it suits their schedule. With the hectic times of summer and the multiple events of the holidays, the Fall season is best to take a low profile and recover.


The number of patients who have been wanting to get a nose job for as long as they can remember is countless. They are not satisfied with their nose appearance because its too large, too small, humped, has an upward turn, or suffered trauma. Rhinoplasty is designed to provide an aesthetic nose which fits your face and culture.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is designed to address the aesthetic concerns which Non-Caucasian patients have with their nose. Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, and Middle-Easterners have unique issues which need specialized training and experience to improve their facial appearance and provide a nose which looks and functions great.


Eyelid surgery can change a tired, sleepy appearance into a fresh, vibrant and youthful facial presence. By eliminating drooping upper eyelids and reducing undereye circles and bags, years will come off your appearance, and you will look alert and refreshed. Vision can also improve by eliminating the obstruction caused by low-hanging upper eyelids.

Brow Lift

Horizontal lines across the forehead and a furrowed brow are often the first signs of aging. A brow lift can deliver a smooth surface and tighten skin to restore a youthful and appealing presence. The surgery is relatively convenient with a short recovery time.

Neck Lift

Eliminating a double chin, jowls, and a turkey waddle is important to attain a sleek, slender and sexy neckline. This area frames your face and can detract from its natural beauty. A neck lift will eliminate sagging skin and excess fat delivering a beautiful neck contour which will be taut and elegant.

Liposuction is often a key component of a neck lift to remove stubborn fat in this area.


When stubborn fat becomes a problem, liposuction can enhance your body’s shape by permanently removing pesky fat pads. The procedure provides a quick and effective solution to eliminate bulges in certain body areas including the neck, back, abdomen, thighs, knees, ankles, and buttocks.

Once these fat cells are gone, they’re gone for good. Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery often combined with other procedures to enhance their results.

Breast Augmentation

A woman’s breasts are her most important feminine trait. Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic surgery designed to improve breast contours by delivering a larger, firmer, and shapelier bust line. The procedure will not only help you with your body’s contour but will also allow you to wear the clothes you have only dreamt of until now.

Recovery lasts for approximately four to six weeks, so you’ll be ready for the holidays.

Breast Lift

Most women over 40 need a breast lift, and some require it when they’re younger. A breast lift defies gravity and lifts the patient’s breasts to a youthful elevation. It can also give nipples an upward turn, creating a perkier breast appearance.

The best way to determine if you need a breast lift is to see if your nipples fall below your natural breast crease.

Breast Reduction

Some women have breasts which are too large for their body. These patients will find a breast reduction will not only improve their figure but will improve their lifestyle as well. With less weight to support; back pain, posture, and range of motion will improve and help them become more active with less effort.

Wardrobe choices will also improve after a breast reduction to help you enjoy your holiday events in style.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Shapely, round buttocks have become the rage with many women since the advent of Kim Kardashian’s career. This body contour is appealing on many levels, including improvement to a sagging rear end.

Results include an elevated backside which is appealing and soundly feminine. Brazilian Butt Lift is becoming one of the more sought-after body contouring procedures at our clinic in Newport Beach.

Popular Non-Surgical Procedures

With time running short before the holiday season, many patients look for less-invasive, non-surgical procedure to enhance their looks or body contours.


This injectable is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. And because of its popularity, many unprofessional injectors are looking to make a quick buck at your expense. Botox® diminishes horizontal lines on the forehead, vertical lines on the brow, and crow’s feet around the eyes. It is an effective treatment and when done by a board-certified plastic surgeon, will ensure optimal results safely.

Dermal Fillers

Convenient treatments with quick results are possible with our selected beauty enhancing dermal fillers. These injectables include Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, Restylane® and Sculptra®; each designed to increase facial volume while restoring facial beauty. The injections can be done in less than an hour, making it a perfect lunchtime treatment. Results are quick, often immediate to ensure you are ready for your holiday celebrations.

Chemical Peels

These cosmetic facials are designed to eliminate dull, and aging skin and replace it with fresh, new underlying skin to provide a radiant skin glow. Chemical peels help with skin issues like sun damage, acne, scarring, and uneven skin tones. Multiple treatment sessions will deliver the best results over time.


This exfoliation treatment provides a radiant skin glow by gently removing dead skin cells and revealing your underlying skin layer which is pure and fresh. Microdermabrasion is effective in treating blemishes, scarring, sun damage, and uneven skin texture and tone.

There is little to no effects with no downtime, leaving the patient with a clearer, clean complexion.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This advanced laser technology improves skin discoloration, scarring, wrinkles, and skin texture and tone. Laser skin resurfacing effectively “resurfaces” the skin by gently removing the outer skin layer and revealing a fresher and more radiant skin which lies beneath the epidermis.

Why Dr. Sajjadian

Double board-certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian has extensive experience in helping his patient achieve their goals. With a wide-array of procedure designed to enhance their facial beauty, body contours, and skin health, he has built a reputation as a top-flight plastic surgeon in Newport Beach and around the world. He is often sought after for international conferences of plastic surgeons for teaching and demonstrating the latest in aesthetic medicine.

To learn more on how Dr. Sajjadian can get you looking and feeling great for the holidays schedule a consultation or call 949-515-0550 today!

Is Fall Your Smartest Choice for Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Our beautiful California weather continues from the warmer summer months to the mild, comfortable Fall season. For many Newport Beach residents, this is the time of year they seriously consider an aesthetic improvement to their face or body contour. At the top of the list of procedures considered is rhinoplasty (or nose job). If you have been contemplating a nose job for some time, whether for an aesthetic or functional improvement, there is no better time to start the process than now. Here’s why:


During the summer months, many social calendars are full in Southern California with our beautiful beaches and an agreeable climate. It is also a time when beautiful bodies and faces are on full display in a never-ending stream of outdoor events. It’s at this time many of us reflect on what we see in the mirror and think of where we would like to see improvement. For some, it’s at the focal point of our face – the nose. Whether it’s crooked, humped, too large or misshapen, it may draw attention away from our natural beauty.

Rhinoplasty is designed to correct any visible flaws in the nose to enhance facial beauty or improve its natural function. Although double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian, employs the most advanced rhinoplasty techniques, the surgery may require several weeks for proper healing and recovery. With Thanksgiving, Hannukah and Christmas events a couple of months away, it’s a great time to heal between the busiest times of year – summer and the holidays.

Setting aside the necessary time when social events are limited is the best strategy for scheduling a rhinoplasty procedure. Fall provides enough time for your body to recover out of direct sunlight, which is critical for the healing process. This time also ensures your new nose will look fantastic during the holiday season.

Why Set Aside the Time?

Because many rhinoplasty patients experience some level of discomfort for a short time after surgery, they all agree the benefits outweigh any negative experiences during recovery. It is extremely important you know what to expect before having a nose job, so your chances of a successful recovery are high, and you can meet your aesthetic goals.

Never – and we mean never – underestimate the amount of time needed for recovery. You should consider at least a week off from work, school or normal daily activities. Recovery also requires you to sleep and relax on your back with your head elevated above your heart. Expect bruising and swelling, especially around the eyes and nose for about a week or two.

You should also expect some level of discomfort which will be managed by oral medications, so don’t plan on driving yourself; plan to have someone available to drive for you. This discomfort should subside after a week to 10 days.

Swelling can be managed by cold compresses. Although most swelling subsides after a couple of weeks revealing substantial aesthetic improvement, some swelling will take several months to resolve, creating additional improvement in your facial contour over time. Expect some nasal congestion initially, but this effect will resolve quickly as well.

Note that patient recovery and swelling vary from patient to patient, depending on the incision technique and the patient’s unique healing process.

Avoiding strenuous activities for a week or two is important, and physical activity that puts your nose at risk of injury should be avoided for several months. Ask Dr. Sajjadian for more details.

Dos and Don’ts During Recovery


  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Rest frequently
  • Faithfully take prescribed medication and keep follow-up appointments
  • Keep a positive attitude


  • Smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Participate in contact sports
  • Ignore any signs of complications like infection

Enjoy Aesthetic Results

Whether your nose suffered trauma, or you’ve wanted to improve its appearance your whole life, you can look forward to an improved facial appearance after a custom rhinoplasty by Dr. Sajjadian. Here are some benefits you can expect to enjoy in a few weeks.

A Nose That Fits Your Face

Think of walking into a room with the confidence to know your nose is perfect for your face. Not too large, not too small, no hump, not crooked or misshapen, your nose is a natural fit for your face. Dr. Sajjadian can also fix any nose tip that turns up or down.

During your consultation, a computer imaging procedure will help you visualize the nose you can expect after surgery and recovery. Reducing the size of your nose can affect the appearance of your other facial features by making them appear more prominent, bringing out your natural facial beauty. Conversely, a nose too small can be enhanced to make other facial features appear smaller. A nose that is proportionate to your face will improve your overall facial appearance because it becomes a better fit.

Improving Nose Function

While rhinoplasty is generally considered an aesthetic procedure, it is commonly performed to resolve breathing issues like those resulting from a deviated septum. This type of nose surgery is referred to as a functional rhinoplasty. When referring to fixing a deviated septum, it is also known as septoplasty.

Breathing Improvement

There’s more to a nose job than aesthetic improvement. When patients consider rhinoplasty for functional results, an improvement in breathing is generally the result required. Rhinoplasty can be used to treat obstructed nasal passages that prevent normal breathing. This problem may be the result of trauma, infection, a tumor or congenital disability. The collapse of the nostrils, stenosis, and nasal narrowing are also indications to consider functional rhinoplasty.

When nose conditions match up with these common indications for rhinoplasty, the procedure will help improve your breathing difficulties.

Septal Deviation Correction

A deviated septum is the malformation of the cartilage and bone that separates the nostrils (septum) and obstructs breathing. If you have difficulty breathing due to a deviated septum, rhinoplasty is a viable solution to achieve better breathing.

There are a few ways to achieve improvement. Breathing easier is possible with more open nasal passages. Sleep apnea may also improve with nose surgery, and usage of a CPAP can be made easier.

Using Cartilage Graft for Improvement of Shape and Function

The traditional rhinoplasty surgery relied on the resection of the nasal framework to achieve functional or aesthetic objectives. Many successful results using this method are temporary because the nasal scaffold, which remains after surgery, does not have enough strength to heal properly.

The problems that occur may include an unnatural sharp contour, loss of tip projection and support, collapse of the mid-valve or an alar retraction.

These poor aesthetic outcomes and the eventual functional problems associated with a traditional rhinoplasty have provided a major incentive for the development of cartilage grafting to improve shape and function.

The use of cartilage grafts is almost always a necessary part of a rhinoplasty. Cartilage grafting is necessary for most rhinoplasty procedures so that surgeons can provide their patients with a pleasing aesthetic result. Today, cartilage grafts of varying types are used by most qualified and experienced rhinoplasty surgeons.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

With our diverse cultures in Orange County and Newport Beach, ethnic rhinoplasty is becoming more important to our residents. These specialized forms of nose surgery are designed to deliver optimal aesthetic results to people of different ethnic backgrounds. Patients with Asian, African, Middle Eastern and Hispanic heritages have different nasal structures than Caucasians and require methods and techniques designed for their specific challenges.

Board-certified surgeons with the training and experience in ethnic rhinoplasty can help their non-Caucasian patients achieve the best results possible for their particular nose.

A Boost in Self-Confidence

A 2013 University of Pennsylvania Study found that quality of life and self-esteem improved with patients after their rhinoplasty procedure. They no longer were consumed with how their nose looked and were more likely to get out and try new things.

This confidence can have a huge impact on how your family and friends see you, and can also improve your social and professional life as well.

How to Start the Process

Getting started is easy. Just schedule a consultation with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on rhinoplasty. Double board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sajjadian, has thousands of patients who enjoy their rhinoplasty results in Newport Beach and Southern California. His expertise includes a focus on rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty. He is the current president of the Rhinoplasty Society and past president of the Orange County Society of Plastic Surgeons.

He is an internationally sought-after teacher, trainer, and participant of rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty procedures, teaching at several regional, national and international educational seminars each year. He is also recognized with America’s Top Plastic Surgeon and Patients Best Choice Awards for several years.

Contact him today to get started.

To find out more about rhinoplasty, we invite you to contact us or call 949-515-0550.

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