Preparing for Hispanic Rhinoplasty – Your Questions Answered

Are you getting ready for Hispanic rhinoplasty? If so, you likely have questions, and plenty of them. This guide will help you prepare for your surgery. Call today and schedule your consultation with one of the best Hispanic rhinoplasty surgeons in Southern California, Dr. Ali Sajjadian.

Do I Need Traditional Rhinoplasty or Hispanic Rhinoplasty?

If you have a Hispanic heritage, you’re likely a good candidate for Hispanic rhinoplasty rather than traditional rhinoplasty. Hispanic rhinoplasty is a form of ethnic rhinoplasty performed on Hispanic patients. Non-Caucasian patients often have unique nasal features. For Hispanic patients, these often include broad, flat noses and thicker, oily skin—all of which should be taken into consideration when performing a rhinoplasty.

Hispanic rhinoplasty will be customized to your nose’s unique features in order to achieve a stunning yet natural looking result. Dr. Sajjadian has performed countless rhinoplasty procedures on patients from many ethnicities.

How Do I Choose My Hispanic Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Hispanic rhinoplasty is a complex type of ethnic rhinoplasty that requires a highly skilled surgeon. Look for a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasties and, more specifically, ethnic rhinoplasties. A member of The Rhinoplasty Society, Dr. Sajjadian is also triple board certified.

Are There Any Special Preparations I Should Make Before Surgery?

Hispanic rhinoplasty requires the same preparation as any rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Sajjadian will explain anything you need to do before the procedure. You will need a ride home afterwards and someone to help you in the initial hours just after surgery. You’ll also need to arrange for some time off work while you recover.

How Much Time Will I Need to Take Off from Work After Hispanic Rhinoplasty?

You’ll likely need to wear a splint for 5-6 days after the procedure. Most people are able to return to many regular activities, including light work, after just a few days. It can take months for the swelling from rhinoplasty to fully subside. We typically recommend avoiding contact sports for about 6 months. The amount of time you’ll need off from work varies depending on your job and your comfort in returning while bruised/swollen, etc. We’ll give you detailed instructions before your surgery.

Dr. Sajjadian is one of the top ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons in California. Call and schedule your consultation today.