Triple Board Certified Dr. Ali Sajjadian Weighs In: Has Jennifer Lopez Had Plastic Surgery?

Looking better than ever at 46, Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to plastic surgery rumors. Over the years, many have speculated about the various tweaks and cosmetic enhancements the singer and actress may have had done. J.Lo, herself, has been fairly tight-lipped over the speculation, and hasn’t yet admitted to any plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancement. Of course, we know she’s had an obsession with her butt (who can blame her?), and was even rumored to have had it insured for a million dollars! However, some have speculated that the gorgeous American Idol judge’s famous derriere has been disappearing. She can’t win! As for the million-dollar booty, Dr. Sajjadian doesn’t think she’s had the Brazilian Butt Lift, but this is a common procedure for people looking for those famous J.Lo-esque curves. Regardless, we have to ask—has she or hasn’t she?

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