Will I Need Additional Procedures to Complement My Nose Job?

Many of our patients choose to combine their rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery with other aesthetic enhancements. This gives patients the opportunity to see maximum results with just one recovery period. When you come in for your consultation Dr. Sajjadian will discuss any procedures that can complement your nose job and provide customized recommendations for your situation. In… Read More »

Is Chin Augmentation Necessary Following Rhinoplasty?

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty: What’s the Link? Patients who receive rhinoplasty can often benefit from chin augmentation. One surgeon found that about 20% of patients needing rhinoplasty could also benefit from chin augmentation. Chin augmentation can have many benefits for rhinoplasty patients including: Increased Chin Projection Can Compensate for Larger Nose Projection: In some rhinoplasty… Read More »