How to Get Your Prettiest Pout for Valentine’s Day

Isn’t it impossible to look at today’s celebrities and not notice their lips?  Were they all so lucky to receive nature’s blessing to look so beautiful, or is there more to the story?  Recently, more and more of them have admitted to receiving lip enhancement. And why not?  According to research, humans associate attractive lips… Read More >>

Are Dermal Fillers Painful?

A younger looking you is just a few injections away. Dermal fillers allow us to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin without downtime and without surgery. However, the thought of injections make some patients feel a bit nervous. The good news is, dermal filler injections are well tolerated by most patients. If you’re worried that dermal fillers may… Read More >>

I Want to Plump Up My Lips… What Are My Lip Augmentation Options?

Are your lips thin? A voluptuous pout is still within your reach. Call us today and schedule an appointment for non-surgical lip augmentation. Pucker up! What Are My Options for Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation? Dermal fillers are a great option for plumping up the lips without surgery. A series of small injections are placed into the lip…. Read More >>

Will I Need Additional Procedures to Complement My Nose Job?

Many of our patients choose to combine their rhinoplasty (nose job) surgery with other aesthetic enhancements. This gives patients the opportunity to see maximum results with just one recovery period. When you come in for your consultation Dr. Sajjadian will discuss any procedures that can complement your nose job and provide customized recommendations for your situation. In… Read More >>