Is Chin Augmentation Necessary Following Rhinoplasty?

Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty: What’s the Link?

Patients who receive rhinoplasty can often benefit from chin augmentation. One surgeon found that about 20% of patients needing rhinoplasty could also benefit from chin augmentation. Chin augmentation can have many benefits for rhinoplasty patients including:

  • Increased Chin Projection Can Compensate for Larger Nose Projection: In some rhinoplasty patients, the nose cannot be reduced as extensively as would be optimal. In these patients, a chin augmentation (to increase the chin’s projection) can bring better harmony to the face.
  • Correct Receding Chin: Many patients have a receding chin. Adding an implant can bring better aesthetic harmony to the face.

Not every patient receiving rhinoplasty will need chin augmentation, but for many patients, the procedures do pair well together.

Do I Need Chin Augmentation?

The best way to determine if you’ll benefit from chin augmentation is to come in and have a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian. He can carefully analyze your profile and make personalized recommendations for your situation.

A quick, at-home way to determine if you might benefit from a chin augmentation is to look at your profile. Your chin should protrude at a minimum to a line dropped from the lower lip down. If your chin protrudes less than this, you may benefit from chin augmentation.

Chin Augmentation: What Should I Expect?

If you do need chin augmentation, the procedure is pretty straightforward. An FDA-approved implant will be placed in the chin area (often through an incision placed inside of the mouth). The incision is then closed. You’ll need to wear a chin support during the initial days of healing. Most patients can return to their regular activities in one to two weeks.

Dr. Sajjadian is a highly skilled facial surgeon with triple-board certification. His vast experience and extensive knowledge of facial surgeries make him an excellent choice for both rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgeries. Call us today and schedule your consultation.