Buccal Fat Removal- Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

Large, full cheeks aren’t necessarily a sign of being overweight. Even patients at a healthy weight can have round cheeks if the buccal fat pads are enlarged. If you’re tired of your baby face and want a more sculpted appearance, come see Dr. Sajjadian, one of the best plastic surgeons in Newport Beach. By removing the buccal… Read More >>

Does Recovering from Rhinoplasty Surgery Hurt?

Many of our patients worry about the recovery process after rhinoplasty. Will recovery be painful? How bad does it hurt? The good news is, many patients find that recovery is much easier than they were expecting. We’ll provide pain medications to help you stay comfortable. Rhinoplasty isn’t that painful for most patients. Call and schedule your… Read More >>

Female Rhinoplasty- 3 Essential Facts

Rhinoplasty is different between the sexes. Although the procedure itself is very similar, there are a few distinct differences between male and female rhinoplasty. This guide will help you understand the essentials of female rhinoplasty. The Right Age for Female Rhinoplasty Female rhinoplasty can occur any time after the late teens. Dr. Sajjadian recommends waiting until… Read More >>

Nontraditional Facelifts

There are several techniques other than the traditional facelift that facial plastic surgeons can use to give clients a more youthful appearance. One is the mini-lift which is a less-invasive procedure that use a smaller incision and works on a smaller area of the face than a traditional facelift.  Here in Newport Beach it is often referred… Read More >>

The Basics of a Cheek Lift

A cheek lift aims to improve the appearance of the cheeks and mid- face area. Many people in Newport Beach that seek out a cheek lift complain of early aging and hereditary pre- dispositions. There are four main approaches to a cheek lift, and only an experienced, certified Newport Beach plastic surgeon is qualified to decide what cheek lift… Read More >>

How to Find a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon

Finding a facial plastic surgeon in Costa Mesa is not difficult. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) has a web site, www.aafprs.org, where you can locate a facial plastic surgeon in your geographic area. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, always seek out a surgeon who is board certified in the correct field… Read More >>

What is a Facial Plastic Surgeon?

There are so many different types of cosmetic surgeons in practice today, so it is important to us that you make an informed decision when considering who may be the best plastic surgeon for you.  One of the most important but sometimes confusing issues people face when choosing a surgeon is that of board certification. It is of extreme… Read More >>