A Chin Implant Can Be Life-Changing: Find Out Mor

There is no one perfect face. Every day we help men and women achieve their aesthetic ideal and we’ve learned that everyone can look great. The key to facial beauty isn’t one particular nose or the perfect eyes but, rather, harmony between all of your features. If you have a weak or undefined chin or unbalanced facial features, a chin implant could transform your appearance and help you achieve your ideal face.

Do I Need a Chin Implant?

Is your face balanced? For some patients a chin implant can correct a weak or receding chin. It is an excellent option for changing the shape and contour of your jawline. Dr. Sajjadian sometimes suggests chin augmentation to rhinoplasty patients. In many cases these two procedures can complement each other for a better end result. A chin implant can change your facial proportions for a more balanced facial appearance.

If you think you may benefit from a chin implant, come see Dr. Sajjadian. After a careful examination of your face he can offer recommendations and help you decide if a chin implant could improve your appearance.

Is a Chin Implant Permanent?

A chin implant is a permanent procedure and provides lasting results. In rare instances, an implant can require removal due to it shifting or becoming infected, but you can minimize these risks by working with the right surgeon. To ensure the best possible results Dr. Sajjadian only uses FDA approved facial implants of the highest quality. He is triple board certified and uses his extensive skill as a plastic surgeon to place and properly secure the implant. For most patients, a chin implant provides permanent, lasting improvement in facial harmony.

What Will I Look Like After Chin Augmentation?

Dr. Sajjadian’s goal for each and every patient is a natural looking, aesthetically-pleasing result. He wants you to look and feel more beautiful (or handsome) after your procedure. During your consultation he’ll discuss your options and give you some realistic expectations for your end result. If you’re a good candidate for chin implants, the procedure should create a stronger, more defined jawline and balance your chin with your other facial features.

What’s Recovery Like After Chin Implants?

Recovery can vary extensively depending on the techniques used and whether or not you received the implants on their own or in conjunction with another surgical procedure. In general, patients take several days to a week off from work and limit their activity (avoiding strenuous exercise, etc.) for a few weeks. Most patients find the recovery to be quite tolerable. Dr. Sajjadian may ask you to stick to a soft diet immediately after the procedure to give the implants time to heal.

Transform your face with chin implants. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian to learn more.

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