The Surprising Reason Men are Having Facelifts

The surprising reason more men are getting facelifts is really not so surprising. It begins with the letter “v.”  V for vigor.  Vigor reflects media messaging about the way men are expected to look and feel today as well as the reflection of modern economics.  Cut abs, chiseled chins, firm jaws, taut forehead and cheeks all point… Read More >>

I’m Thinking About a Facelift. What Other Complementary Procedures Should I Consider?

If you want to take 10 years off of your appearance, consider a facelift. This procedure removes excess skin and repositions facial tissues to rejuvenate the lower face. Although a facelift provides excellent results on its own, many patients choose to pair it with complementary procedures to further enhance their appearance. If you’re thinking about a… Read More >>

What is a Deep Plane Facelift?

A common type of facelift Dr. Sajjadian performs here in the Newport Beach area is the Deep Plane Lift. The deep plane lift is considered the gold standard and is definitely the go-to facelift for people with severe facial sagging and laxity, and those looking for a longer-lasting lift.  It involves lifting, releasing and repositioning the superficial musculoaponeurotic… Read More >>

How obvious are the results of a facelift?

No matter what you might have heard, a facelift performed by a trained and board certified plastic surgeon can absolutely provide natural-looking and beautiful results. Simply remember that there is a difference between a board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Ali Sajjadian and a surgeon without the necessary training and  credentials. In regards to facelift procedures,… Read More >>