5 Local Spots for The Perfect Wedding Dress in Newport Beach

Getting ready for the big day can be stressful. What is even more stressful? Finding the PERFECT wedding dress. Luckily, we have compiled the top five local bridal spots where you are guaranteed to find the dress of your dreams.

Mon Amie Bridal Salon:

Mon Amie Bridal Salon helps women achieve the ultimate expression of a beautiful bride with their exclusive gowns from coveted designers.

Bella Bridesmaids:

Bella Bridesmaids offers the largest collection of bridesmaids dresses in town, all coming from the world’s leading designers.

Panache Bridal:

Panache Bridal provides an unrivaled service and shopping experience to women looking for luxurious gowns and accessories.

Love & Lace Bridal:

Love & Lace Bridal pampers brides with respect, attention, and a handpicked selection of gorgeous dresses and veils.

Felicity Couture Bridal:

Felicity Couture Bridal creates thoughtfully designed bridal wear that is pure, simple, and modern yet timeless, that fits and flatters.