Middle Eastern Full Rhinoplasty and Tip Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is a very difficult sub-specialty within rhinoplasty. It is crucial that you choose an Orange County plastic surgeon that truly understands the intricacies of a Middle Eastern nose and strives to preserve ethnic identity. Expert Middle Eastern rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian has extensive knowledge and experience that separates him from other surgeons who offer Middle Eastern rhinoplasty in Orange County. He has been invited numerous times and has lectured on this topic to other plastic surgeons in middle-east.

Common mistakes made by inexperienced and under-qualified plastic surgeons performing a Middle Eastern rhinoplasty is to misshape the nose and/or the tip of the nose.

Full Middle Eastern rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose and requires rasping of the dorsal hump or bridge to achieve a more curved aesthetic. To narrow the nose, Orange County plastic surgeons typically must utilize osteotomies (the strategic reshaping of the nasal bones). To improve nose shape during Middle Eastern rhinoplasty natural cartilage grafts are typically used because implants tend to erode the nose tip and come with the risk of rejection. Grafts are also used in the bridge if necessary. To properly contour the base of the nose during Middle Eastern rhinoplastyOrange County plastic surgeons may remove skin from around the nostrils. Accurate diagnosis and knowledge of nasal anatomy of Middle Eastern nose is crucial success.

It is possible to adjust just the tip of the nose, in which case the bridge of the nose will be unaltered. As previously mentioned, natural cartilage graphs will be used in the tip of the nose to improve the shape and overall aesthetics of the nose.

Both full and tip Middle Eastern rhinoplasty procedures can be performed as an open rhinoplasty (incisions on the outside of the nose) or a closed rhinoplasty (incisions within the nose). Dr. Sajjadian uses the most advanced technique which helps with quicker recovery and most natural looking results.

Schedule a consultation in Orange County today with Dr. Ali Sajjadian to find out what methods and approach is best for your specific anatomy. Dr. Sajjadian can show you before and after pictures of other Middle Eastern rhinoplasty procedures he has completed to guide you in discovering exactly what you hope to achieve with a rhinoplasty.

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