Real Men Have Plastic Surgery – Recent Trends in Men’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Women have always been aware that appearance counts. Men are catching up with their female counterparts in their desire to look as good as they feel. Men are spending more time in the workforce. That, combined with the American obsession youth, shorter downtimes, and greater accessibility to treatments have made men realize that aesthetic surgery… Read More >>

I Have a Broken Nose. Do I Need Rhinoplasty?

Are you struggling with the aftermath of a broken nose? Aesthetic, functional, and structural changes can occur after nasal trauma. If you have a broken nose or if you notice aesthetic or functional changes after a nose injury, you need to discuss your options with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon like triple board certified Dr. Sajjadian…. Read More >>

Deviated Nose? Dr. Sajjadian Can Help

It’s a common problem with a lot of names: deviated nose, deviated septum, crooked nose, etc. Basically, a deviated nose occurs when the septum (or strip of tissue that separates the nostrils) is off center. This causes the nostrils to vary in size and, in severe cases, it can lead to difficulty breathing, nosebleeds, frequent… Read More >>

A Man’s Guide to Rhinoplasty

Are you a man considering rhinoplasty? This procedure is one of the most common male plastic surgery procedures, with 55,000 nose reshaping surgeries having been performed on male patients in 2014. If you’re considering male rhinoplasty, this guide will walk you through some common questions male patients face. For personalized advice, call and schedule your consultation… Read More >>

Male Rhinoplasty Tips

Last year, rhinoplasty was the top cosmetic surgical procedure for male patients, with 55,000 procedures performed in the U.S. This procedure can reshape the male nose, transforming the appearance and helping with breathing problems. If you’re a man and considering rhinoplasty, keep reading for three essential tips every man should know before rhinoplasty surgery. The Nose… Read More >>

Men and Breast Reduction Surgery

According to recent statistics, men are fueling a surge in cosmetic surgery.  Liposuction and breast reduction surgery are among the more common plastic surgeries performed on men. Many believe the improving economy has given people confidence to have procedures. There has been about a 17% jump in plastic surgery in the last 12months. About 45,000 women and just fewer… Read More >>