What’s the Difference Between a Breast Reduction and a Breast Lift?

Breast reduction and lift surgeries are excellent cosmetic choices for women who want to improve their figure and quality of life. These procedures will refine your body by improving your breasts’ size, shape, and elevation. Your choice to get plastic surgery depends on your expectations and goals. For example, are your oversized or disproportional breasts causing discomfort, embarrassment,… Read More »

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most widely requested plastic surgery procedures in the United States, especially around Southern California beaches. Many women seek out the expertise of Newport Beach breast augmentation surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast implant procedures. Breast augmentation in Newport Beach, California, involves placing saline… Read More »

When Can I Get Implants After Breast Reduction Surgery?

For many women, reducing the size of their breasts is a life-changing event. Their wardrobe choices expand beyond what’s comfortable to what’s fashionable. They tend to stand straighter and walk with more confidence without neck or back pain. They can participate in sports and other activities without fear of repetitive stress injuries. And they will… Read More »

Sometimes Less IS More

One of the most commonly requested and most immediately rewarding plastic surgery procedures we do in Newport Beach is female breast reduction. In Newport Beach and elsewhere, many women suffer from physical and emotional pain caused by disproportionally large breasts. And unfortunately, non-surgical treatments often provide little or no relief. Most people don’t realize it but heavy breasts can… Read More »

The Basics of Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause a lot of pain and suffering for women. Fortunately, breast reduction surgery can relieve the negative effects they have on the body by reducing the size and weight of the breasts. Read our infographic below to learn about all of the basics of breast reduction and to find out if the… Read More »

Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery

A lot of women come to us in Newport Beach interested in breast reduction surgery.  Breast reduction surgery is probably more common than you think.  It is often done to change the size, weight, firmness, and shape of the breasts. Many of our Newport Beach plastic surgery clients seek out breast reduction surgery to feel more comfortable. Heavy,… Read More »

Overweight and Breast Reduction Surgery

It’s not uncommon for clients to come into our Orange County office concerned about getting a breast reduction surgery if they are overweight. Frequently just having large cumbersome breasts will lead to or at contribute to gaining excess weight. Large, heavy breasts not only add weight to a person’s body but they can also make is difficult… Read More »

Marijuana and Man Boobs?

It may seem like a mean prank of a rumor but according to several respected research clinics like the Mayo Clinic and other plastic surgeons, it may be true. Maybe. Marijuana does seem to cause enlarged male breast tissue, also known as gynecomastia. It’s not a huge surprise to the medical community as many cases of gynecomastia are caused from… Read More »

Is a Mommy Makeover Right for Me?

Let’s be honest for a minute. Do you love your body? Did you love it before you had kids? Many women find that pregnancy changes the way they feel about their body. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your post-pregnancy body, come see Dr. Sajjadian. As one of the area’s top breast surgeons and… Read More »

Breast Reduction for “Snoopy Boobs”?

There some debate as to whether or not women should get breast reductions if they have what some have endearingly termed “Snoopy Boobs” which are large pendulous, tuberous breast that kind of look like Snoopy’s nose.  Here in Costa Mesa we’ve seen many women who are anxious to “fix” their breasts with a breast reduction… Read More »