4 Common Questions About Hispanic Rhinoplasty

As a triple board certified plastic surgeon and expert in rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Sajjadian spends a lot of time answering questions. If you have questions about Hispanic rhinoplasty, he’s got the answers you need. Keep reading for answers to four common questions. If you still have questions, schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian for personalized… Read More »

Male Rhinoplasty Tips

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5 Questions to Ask Your Hispanic Rhinoplasty Surgeon

For a successful Hispanic rhinoplasty, our best advice is to choose the right surgeon. With so many potential doctors ready and waiting to perform this procedure, how is a patient to choose? Asking questions can help you to narrow the field and assess a potential surgeon’s qualifications. Here are five questions you should ask any… Read More »

Your Answers to Rhinoplasty FAQs

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Find Out More About Hispanic Rhinoplasty

If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty and are of Hispanic descent, come see Dr. Sajjadian. As an expert in ethnic rhinoplasty, he has the ability to give you flawless, natural looking rhinoplasty results. Dr. Sajjadian has authored over 75 book chapters on various plastic surgery topics, and has presented at numerous symposia on the topic of… Read More »