Preparing for an Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is no longer thought of as a one-size-fits-all procedure. Thankfully, a beautiful diversity of ethnic features and nose characteristics can be preserved and celebrated with today’s cosmetic surgery techniques.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty describes surgical changes to the nose that are harmonious, proportionate, and well-suited to individuals of various ethnic backgrounds.

Not every facial plastic surgeon has in-depth experience with Asian Rhinoplasty, African Rhinoplasty, Hispanic Rhinoplasty, or Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty. Finding a specialist who customizes their approach for variances in skin, bone structure, and personal preference is vital.

Dr. Sajjadian knows that the best rhinoplasty results will be as unique as each individual. He is renowned for artistic and technical insights combined with an atraumatic approach that delivers stunning results.

If you’re planning an ethnic rhinoplasty, the following can help you understand your options and prepare.

How Are Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedures Different?

There was a time when the words “nose job” would evoke images of thin, unnaturally pinched, and homogeneous results. The ideal European nose was super-imposed onto any face, even if their features were more African, Asian, or Middle Eastern.

Additionally, because people’s anatomy will naturally differ in bone structure, skin thickness, and cartilage, using the same technique for everyone sometimes lead to complications and aesthetically unpleasant results.

Today, Ethnic Rhinoplasty describes personalization. It means considering a person’s overall facial proportions and balance, then making improvements that align with their ethnic features.

Most people don’t want to look like a different person when they refine their nose. Natural results and subtlety are on-trend, which means precision changes and respecting the natural size and shape of the nose a person was born with.

Each patient will have a personal preference for the look they like, but the experienced rhinoplasty surgeon will be able to advise and plan for results that don’t look out of place on the face.

For some people, a Non-Surgical Nose Job delivers similar benefits to nasal implants. In cases where additive changes are desired, such as when building up the nasal bridge or refining the tip, injecting thick hyaluronic acid gel provides temporary but impressive results. In particular, those with a low or flat nasal bridge may benefit from injections.

If you’re considering an ethnic nose job, ask your surgeon about the non-surgical option of filler to find out if it’s right for you.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Generally Refers To:

  • Asian nose jobs
  • Hispanic or Latino Nose Job Surgery
  • Middle Eastern or Persian Rhinoplasty
  • African American rhinoplasty

In general, facial characteristics among the beautifully diverse US population can be differentiated from Caucasian or European features in the following ways:


  • Prominent cheekbones and a smaller nose
  • A tendency towards smaller chins
  • A small or nonexistent nasal hump
  • Wider set nostrils
  • Potentially notable scarring
  • Wide and low nasal bridge
  • Thicker, sebaceous skin

Middle Eastern

  • A prominent hump or bump on the bridge
  • Larger, more projecting noses
  • Potential for visible scars
  • A wider nasal tip which may be close to the lips

African American

  • A wider nostril bases
  • A greater tendency to scar
  • Thicker, flared nostrils
  • Softer, wider tip cartilage
  • Less forward nose projection
  • Possibly a flatter bridge


  • A low or flat nasal bridge
  • Wider nostril base
  • Greater potential for scarring
  • Thick nostril walls
  • Wider or poorly defined tip

Of course, these generalized feature distinctions are highly variable between individuals. Each of these ethnic groups may represent numerous countries and regions where skin tone and hereditary characteristics change.

In addition, individual patient preferences mean not everyone wants to change the characteristics inherent to their ethnicity.

For many of our patients, the desire to achieve improved facial harmony and balance is ideal. They may wish to moderately refine their nasal tip, slightly narrow their nostrils, or reduce a prominent bump without changing nose size.

The key to a natural-looking Ethnic Rhinoplasty is understanding anatomical uniqueness and making subtle enhancements so that patients still feel like themselves and love how they look.

Nasal Asymmetry and The Deviated Septum

It is not uncommon for Ethnic Rhinoplasty patients to have a deviated septum as well. This condition is usually visible as a nose asymmetry. Patients often report that they have trouble breathing through the nose through one or both nostrils if their septum has deviated.

Dr. Sajjadian may combine your Ethnic Rhinoplasty with septoplasty designed to improve breathing and nose symmetry for a beautiful facial harmony. The procedure itself may take a bit longer to perform, but patients often find they can breathe better right after surgery, which is a welcomed relief!

Successful Ethnic Rhinoplasty can:

  • Improve breathing for patients who snore or tend to breathe through their mouths
  • Improve nose symmetry with a straight bridge and even sides
  • Improve the balance of all facial features
  • Highlight eyes, a more refined chin, or lips

A custom Ethnic nose job will respect and preserve as much of your unique heritage as you wish, without creating features that look out of place.

How to Select Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon

If having natural results that suit your face and preserve your ethnic heritage matters to you, be sure to seek a surgeon who can show you before and after results of similar procedures. As with other cosmetic surgeries, Rhinoplasty surgeons who frequently perform ethnic nose surgery are the best choice for this approach.

Dr. Sajjadian strives to listen to each patient’s concerns and goals before recommending treatment options. He believes an ideal nose job result shouldn’t look like a surgical outcome at all.

It’s essential to spend sufficient time planning. Dr. Sajjadian’s patients enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re seen and heard when choosing to surgically enhance their features.

Ethnic diversity in faces is a beautiful thing, and it is possible to preserve the best of our differences while enhancing and improving what you wish.

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