Persian Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty among Persians is an extremely popular procedure. Men and women alike recognize the dramatic benefits rhinoplasty can bring them.  Our Persian plastic surgery clients here in the Newport Beach area are often knowledgeable and open minded regarding cosmetic surgery in general.  Many Persian women recognized to be natural beauties seek out reduction rhinoplasty to deemphasize a dominant nose in order to enhance their other facial features.

Here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery office, we have many Persian clients. My happiest patients are often young Persian women who undergo transformative rhinoplasty surgery. Our Persian clients can dramatically enhance their appearance with reduction rhinoplasty surgery. Often women and men of Persian descent have a combination of thicker skin, larger nasal tip, and dorsal bump or hump on their noses. Reshaping the Persian nose often enhances the other naturally beautiful features that come naturally with Persian descent.

As with all rhinoplasty clients we assess each case individually and each patient gets an individual surgical plant. You will be informed what is realistic, achievable, and advisable.  On our website there are hundreds of patient photos to review to help you see what is achievable with rhinoplasty surgery.

Unfortunately, we also see quite a few clients who have had a poor quality rhinoplasty done abroad or elsewhere. In many parts of the world like Iran, there are many good and qualified surgeons but the surgeons that are performing the surgeries are a lot more loosely regulated than they are here in the states so often poorly qualified surgeons practice on people just as freely. Sadly, revision rhinoplasties to fix deformities and breathing problems after a botched surgery are becoming more and more common in Newport Beach. The most common problems we see include over resection of the nasal bones and under correction of the cartilaginous bridge causing a “polybeak” appearance. Another common problem we see is over resection of the nasal tip cartilages causing excess pinching of the nasal tip and associated breathing problems. These problems can easily be corrected with the revision rhinoplasty technique performed at our state of the art facility in Newport Beach.

Whether you’re in need of a revision rhinoplasty or interested in learning what a rhinoplasty can do for you, contact our office today. You’ll be glad you did.