Rhinoplasty on the Middle Eastern Nose

Performing ethnic rhinoplasty for our clients is a special treat. Of course we want to make everyone comfortable with his or her facial features but working on the ethnic nose can be especially satisfying. This is because we and many of our clients feel very strongly about the need to preserve the distinct ethnic features, while at the same time making desired modifications. Many of the clients we see here in our Newport Beach plastic surgery office desire a primary or revision rhinoplasty procedure for cosmetic and/or health reasons, but at the same time they don’t want to sacrifice an integral aspect of their appearance. We couldn’t agree more.

We specialize in a variety of ethnic rhinoplasty techniques, including Middle Eastern rhinoplasty, Asian rhinoplasty, Hispanic rhinoplasty and African American rhinoplasty. With years of hands-on experience in this surgery, we are able to offer our clients dramatically beautiful results, all while preserve their ethnic uniqueness. Take some time to review our online gallery of “before and after” photos of the rhinoplasties.

Often times, Middle Eastern rhinoplasty can be a challenging but exacting and exciting medical procedure. Sadly too many come out looking too unnatural and obviously worked on. We that the key features of a successful Middle Eastern rhinoplasty are harmony and balance. There is what we call a “triangle of beauty” around a person’s nose that must blend seamlessly into the rest of the patient’s facial structure, and for Middle Easterner’s that requires a skilled, delicate approach.

Of course everyone if different even within individual ethnicity so while there are certain commonalities found amongst people with Middle Eastern ancestry, we always take into account the nasal and facial features unique to each individual. The high-quality plastic surgery that we provide here at our Newport Beach plastic surgery practice is as much an art as it is a science, and each person’s face is a unique work of art for us to participate in. We understand the range of generally shared characteristics among all the ethnicities and therefore we have a good initial guide for Middle Eastern rhinoplasty and any other ethnic nose concern that walks through our doors.

If you are interested in learning more about ethnic rhinoplasties or other services we provide, contact our office today! Dr. Sajjadianhas been invited to many countries in the world including Middle east to discuss and teach how plastic surgeons can create natural looking results when performing Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty.