Ethnicity and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is growing all across the globe. Depending on the ethnicity certain procedures are more popular than others. For example, among Asians eyelid surgery is more popular than it is among Caucasians. Middle Easterners, such as those from Persia and Iran are more likely to get rhinoplasties compared to other ethnicities. In 2010, 25 percent of all cosmetic plastic surgery patients were Asian, Black, Middle Eastern or Hispanic, surpassing the number of men who opted for procedures.

Plastic surgery has become much more main stream and ethnic patients are becoming increasingly aware of what options are available to people with their skin types and facial features.  The media has helped reveal all that plastic surgery can do for all types of noses, eyes, etc… Mainstreaming has practically erased the stigma that is often associated with plastic surgery, especially among certain cultures.  Improved technology, scientific advances, and reduced costs have also contributed significantly to the rise in demand.

General goals for those seeking plastic surgery are no different among ethnicities. Everyone still wants to reduce the signs of aging, look refreshed and rejuvenated, or may want to enlarge, reduce, refine, or create balance and symmetry on their face or body.

And the majority of patients by far want to maintain their ethnic identity. Most don’t want to lose important facial features that exhibit unique ethnic features. For example, although the typical Asian plastic surgery client who is getting eyelid surgery desires larger appearing eyes, he or she still wants one that maintains an almond shape and is natural looking to the Asian face.  For those of Middle Eastern descent they often want to reduce the size of their nose to achieve a harmonious balance with other facial features, but do not seek a nose that looks like a totally different ethnicity.

Everyone has different, unique facial features and bone structure, which greatly influence the outcome of any procedure. Applying a general “standard of beauty” to all people is narrow-minded and can produce inconsistent results that are not harmonious with other facial features. At our plastic surgery office in Newport Beach you will not only find professional, experienced care but an open and welcoming atmosphere that sees the beauty in every person that walks through or doors. Call Dr. Ali Sajjadian to schedule a consultation today.