Breast Reduction for “Snoopy Boobs”?

There some debate as to whether or not women should get breast reductions if they have what some have endearingly termed “Snoopy Boobs” which are large pendulous, tuberous breast that kind of look like Snoopy’s nose.  Here in Costa Mesa we’ve seen many women who are anxious to “fix” their breasts with a breast reduction and/or breast lift.  We believe every woman is beautiful regardless but each person is free to decide what body he/she feels most comfortable in.  Many of Costa Mesa clients who have these large, often heavy pendulous breasts are miserable and want nothing more than to relieve themselves of this burden.  Breast reduction surgeries remove excess breast tissue and a breast lift will “lift” the girls back into a higher more “perkier” position on the chest wall.

Tuberous breasts often form when the skin of the lower half of the breast remains attached to the chest wall does not continue to grow with the remainder of the breast during puberty. As the breast develops, breast tissue is forced outward and downward in the shape of a tuber, or as some have pointed out, the nose of a certain lovable, cartoon beagle.

The debate about “Snoopy Boobs” is by terms the medical profession uses to discuss this condition.  Many plastic surgeons refer to tuberous breasts as “a deformity,” and given that the word means a deviation from the norm, it applies. Understandably some women are disturbed to have their breasts referred to as a “deformity” and the breast reduction or lift procedure defined as a “correction.”

We agree that the appearance of so-called “Snoopy Boobs” can be greatly improved through cosmetic surgery but it should not be done under the pressure from others just to appear “normal.” Most of our Costa Mesa breast reduction patients come to us to relieve the back pain and skin infections that often are associated with large pendulous breast.  The skin underneath the breasts can become irritated and fungal infections love any area where there is significant moisture and darkness like the area underneath large breasts.

Before undergoing any procedure discussion will take place to determine the desired breast size, profile and lift. If a breast reduction surgery is agreed upon we’ll typically release the constricting tissue, remove any excess breast tissue and lift to make sure the breasts sit at an ideal position on the chest. Occasionally some of our clients in Newport Beach have elected to add breast implants to create a more rounded appearance of the breast.  These implants would then be inserted below the chest muscle. We also frequently preform some areolar reduction since these too can be enlarged and stretch out due to the shape of the breasts.

For more information from the best breast reduction surgeon in Newport Beach, schedule a consultation with triple board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ali Sajjadian. You will be provided with a personalized available options to you during an extensive consultation.