How Many Times Do You Need to Get a Breast Augmentation?

Women have been enhancing their breasts with implants for several decades. Whether your goal is to increase breast size, improve breast shape, or correct breast asymmetry, breast implants can help you achieve your body shaping goals with long-lasting results. But the question is, for how long?

Do breast implants last a lifetime, or will they need exchanging every so often? Or, perhaps your lifestyle has changed, and it’s time to try something new. Will the devices begin to leak or rupture after a specific period?

It has become a matter of debate among surgeons and patients, and there are no right or wrong answers on how long an implant will last. There have been some estimates of 10 to 20 years, but the data is not concrete. Here are some things to consider if you are considering breast surgery for the first time or have been carrying your implants for years.

Are You Still Happy With Your Breast Appearance?

We’ll use the old cliché, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you are still happy with your figure and your breast appearance, don’t worry about changing your implants. If they don’t cause discomfort and show no sign of leakage or rupture, you’re good to leave well enough alone. Yes, you’ve probably read implants are not lifetime devices, but your mileage may vary.

However, there may come a time in your life where your original implants have outlived their usefulness. This phenomenon happens due to lifestyle changes and, of course, the natural aging process. Consider the following.

Lifestyle Preferences Have Changed

Women who become more active and take up physical exercise later in life may find larger implants bothersome. Heavy breasts can make running, swimming, and interval training uncomfortable. There are breast surgery options to help women who choose a healthier lifestyle if necessary. If your implants are too heavy or oversized for an active lifestyle, you could opt to downsize.

You’ve Entered a New Season in Life

Age is another reason implants may have outlived their usefulness. Older women have different body shaping goals than when they were younger. Plus, other parts of their body have changed, and they want their breasts to complement the differences.

Complications That Make a Change Necessary

Another thing to consider is unexpected life events that make a change necessary. These could be health-related or a problem with one or both of the implants.

An MRI Reveals a Problem

If you have silicone breast implants, you should have them tested with periodic MRIs to ensure no rupture or breakage. If the test reveals a ruptured implant, you should have them removed as soon as possible. Irritation, pain, or infection may result if left untreated. After removal, you can have them replaced with new models.

Capsular Contracture

This term describes the unpredictable complication of scar tissue forming around the breast implant. It may cause your breasts to harden. As a result, your breasts may look or feel different, and there could be some discomfort because the capsule tightens.

Implant Migration

This complication occurs when the complete implant moves out of its designated pocket. This issue is most prevalent after the first year and will require attention from a qualified plastic surgeon.


Breast implant rippling occurs when insufficient soft tissue coverage results from little overlying breast tissue and body fat. This possible phenomenon is most prevalent with thinner patients getting saline implants over the breast muscle.

Aesthetic Options After Implant Removal

Women who decide to have their implants removed have options to keep an aesthetically pleasing body that complements their lifestyle.

Implant Exchange

Breast implant exchange is a straightforward procedure, especially if there are no complications in the years following your original breast augmentation. First, Dr. Sajjadian will perform new incisions along your existing breast augmentation scars. Next, he will open the scar tissue capsules around your implants, then carefully remove the current implants. Lastly, he will insert the new implants you choose into the pockets and close them with sutures. The recovery that follows implant exchange is similar to the healing process after breast augmentation surgery.  

Breast Lift With Implants

Like large natural breasts, augmented breasts with implants may sag over time. Normal aging and gravity may have created loose, stretched skin around implants you’ve had for several years. Other factors, like childbearing and weight fluctuation, can also contribute to this problem.

Dr. Sajjadian may combine your implant exchange with a breast lift to ensure your new implants remain in the correct position. Then, he will remove excess skin, insert your new implants, and adjust your nipple position if necessary. This operation will eliminate stretch marks, correct breast asymmetry, and create beautiful breast contours.

Saline vs. Silicone Implants

There are two different types of implants available to use for replacement. Saline implants have a silicone shell that gets filled with a saltwater solution after insertion into the breasts. If you choose saline implants, Dr. Sajjadian can make smaller incisions to introduce them. Saline also causes fewer complications in the event of a leak or rupture, because saltwater is harmless to your body. However, this material might ripple or feel less like genuine breast tissue.

A silicone implant has a silicone shell filled with a silicone gel, creating a feel more like natural breast tissue. Cohesive “gummy bear” implants are similar to their candy namesake, and are more anatomical for natural feel and look.

Implant Removal

Not all women require a breast lift after explant surgery, though many do. For example, if your breast implants were small, and you have excellent skin elasticity, you can have them removed without a breast lift. This operation is a simple surgical procedure that entails taking out your breast implants and their associated scar tissue through small incisions beneath each breast.

Before proceeding with breast implant removal, you should be aware your breasts will need time to adjust after the operation with a breast lift. That’s because breast implants apply pressure on the soft tissue inside the breasts, squeezing it into the lower portion of each breast. As a result, the compressed tissue gradually expands and migrates back into the upper part of your breasts after implant removal.

Why Choose Dr. Sajjadian?

Dr. Sajjadian has carefully crafted a reputation for his surgical skill and patient compassion. Moreover, he understands the importance of a beautiful figure to a woman’s self-esteem. Therefore, he artistically augments the breasts to achieve beautiful and natural-looking results.

Dr. Sajjadian would love to help you choose the right surgery or combination of procedures to help you reach your desired goals. Contact our Newport Beach, CA, surgical center at (949) 515-0550 today to schedule your consultation.

Selecting the Right Implant Profile

Breast augmentation with implants remains the most popular way to increase breast size and improve their shape. And, silicone cohesive gel breast implants are the most popular in the USA.

Part of their appeal relates to the vast array of sizes and shapes that are available. Breast implant dimensions differ in diameter (how wide they are) and how high profiles are.

Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all implants were the rage. (We’re grateful for that!) Today, the average patient has numerous customizable implant profile choices. So, which is the best for you? Read on to learn what implant profiles are and how you can get the “just right” proportions for your body, or visit our before and after gallery to see some real-life examples.

What Does “Breast Implant Profile” Mean?

You may be accustomed to hearing of “profile” as it relates to faces. When it comes to breast implants, the most common terms are low, moderate, full, and extra full. People also talk about “high” versus “low,” and to top it off, volumes measured in CCs will range from 250-550 in most cases. No wonder it’s not easy for the average person to connect those terms with a bra cup size.

Let’s clear something up- the implant profile isn’t about volume in CCs. It’s less about how big implants are, and more about how “round” or projecting they are.

When resting against the ribcage, implants can project forward a little or a lot. The more they project, the more likely a rounded upper breast and prominent cleavage will be seen.

Many plastic surgeons describe these options in terms of “natural” versus “augmented” results, but that’s not the whole story.

Does Everyone Get the Same Result from Their Implant Profile?

Everyone has a different starting point before surgery. That means even if they choose the exact same breast implants, three different women will have three different-looking results. Selecting the right implant profile for you will depend on a few factors, and it’s a highly personalized choice.

Chest shape and measurements matter. Some people have a forward projecting, prominent chest, so moderate implants appear somewhat rounded and full on them. Others have a flatter chest wall or minimal breast tissue, so implant projection makes up the difference for a result they want.

Many people don’t consider this, but your breast augmentation doesn’t replace your breasts- it adds to them. If you have full, firm breasts to begin with, you may not want the highest projection implant, unless a dramatic, augmented appearance is what you’re after.

Those with little breast tissue often select full implants if they don’t have much cleavage to begin with. However, if the desired look is exceptionally natural and subtle, even small-chested women can choose low or moderate implant profiles.

What Implant Profile Will You Choose?

Dr. Ali Sajjadian will examine you, listen to your goals, then make a few recommendations. At that point, most people have options narrowed down from thousands to just two or three- thankfully! From your available “looks,” implants will be very similar but may have slightly different projections.

Patients try implant sizers on with a snug sports bra during their consultation or do a “rice test” at home by filling plastic bags or pantyhose with rice.

Most plastic surgeons will recommend choosing your implant based on results you’re after, rather than fixating on numbers. You’re more likely to get an enhancement you love when you let your desired image and style guide you.

You Have Personalized Options!

You can book a free consultation to learn about all your customizable options. Many people are delighted to find out that an implant size and shape are made just for them. Dr. Sajjadian can help you create your ideal new figure. Call 949-515-0550 or schedule a consultation to learn more today!

8 Reasons Why Breast Augmentation Surgery Is Better Than Ever Before

Breast Augmentation surgery is better than it’s ever been.  Not only are there more options available, but the results look and feel more natural.  There is also less downtime after surgery and the materials used are more durable and significantly reduce the risks.


If your interested in learning more, please contact us for a consultation or call 949-515-0550.

Breast Implant Decisions: Material, Incisions, Placement, Size

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Choosing to enhance your shape with breast implants is only the first decision you’ll make as you prepare for breast surgery. Dr. Sajjadian customizes each breast procedure, working with his patients to create natural looking results that complement anatomy and meet aesthetic goals. This customized approach to breast augmentation surgery requires careful coordination between plastic surgeon and patient, and a lot of decision making. We’ll guide you through the process, offering tips and advice, so your new breasts are your dream breasts.

As one of Southern California’s most respected and sought-after plastic surgeons, Dr. Sajjadian has helped countless women through the breast augmentation process. He holds triple-board certification and has dedicated his career to perfecting the art of breast and facial surgery. Dr. Sajjadian has the experience and surgical expertise to help patients make these crucial breast augmentation decisions.

Material- Saline or Silicone?

Modern-day breast implants typically fall into one of two categories: saline or silicone. Dr. Sajjadian uses both of these breast implant types to craft stunning breast augmentation results for his patients. Breast implants are used to increase breast size, to enhance breast shape and fullness, to correct asymmetry, and to restore the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Both implant types can be used successfully for any of these purposes.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants feature a plastic outer shell that is filled with a medical-grade, sterilized salt water solution. Saline breast implants are FDA-approved for use on women that are 18+.

Saline implants offer several benefits including:

  • Lower Price Point- Saline implants are typically 25% less than similarly sized silicone implants.
  • Smaller Incision Size- Saline breast implants are placed into the breast unfilled. A deflated implant is much smaller than a filled one and incision size is considerably smaller with this implant type. This implant type also offers increased flexibility in incision types since it is placed into position unfilled.
  • Easy Rupture Detection- Saline implants deflate when they are ruptured. The saline solution is safely absorbed and expelled by the body. Saline is non-toxic.

Saline implants have a few downsides too. Some women find they feel a little too firm, not like natural breast tissue. This entirely depends on anatomy and preference. Saline implants are also more prone to wrinkling after extended use.

Silicone Breast Implants

There are two different types of silicone implants: silicone gel implants and form-stable implants, also known as gummy bear implants. Each type offers distinct benefits, so we’ll discuss them separately.

Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Silicone gel implants are our most popular option for breast augmentation. They are FDA-approved for use on women aged 22+. Our favorite benefits of these implants are:

  • A Soft and Natural Feel- Give your breast a quick squeeze. Now you know what a silicone implant feels like. These implants feel soft and natural, even outside of the breast.
  • Less Likely to Ripple- Silicone filled breast implants are less likely to ripple than their saline counterparts.

We recommend that patients with silicone implants receive regular checks to look for leaks for ruptures as the implant will not deflate if it is compromised. Another downside of silicone implants is the need for a larger incision and the increased risk of scarring.

Cohesive Silicone Implants

Gummy bear breast implants, also known as cohesive silicone implants or form stable implants, have a texture that is very similar to a gummy bear. Their advantages include:

  • Excellent Shape Holding- These breast implants hold their shape very well. They do not ripple.
  • Less Likely to Break- Form stable breast implants are filled with a thick, cohesive filling. They hold their shape, even if they rupture and are not likely to leak.
  • Natural Shape- The unique texture of these implants allows for a very natural implant shape. These implants are tapered, projected on the bottom and slimmed at the top. Many women love the beautiful breast shape that these implants create.

They are a firmer feeling implant, unnoticeable if they are well covered with natural breast tissue. Cohesive implants also require a larger incision with an increased risk of scarring.

Rest assured that whatever implant material you choose, all breast implants we offer are carefully selected for their safety. Saline, silicone, and cohesive silicone implants are all FDA-approved. Dr. Sajjadian uses all three types regularly, achieving some of the best breast augmentation results in Newport Beach, CA.


There are four primary options for breast implant incisions: trans-axillary, peri-areolar, inframammary, and TUBA. The best incision type for you will depend on your anatomy, the size and type of breast implants that you intend to receive, and your goals for the procedure. Dr. Sajjadian understands that this is a complex choice and will carefully explain your options, along with offering his recommendations for your incision placement.

  • Trans-axillary- Trans-axillary breast augmentation incisions are placed in the armpit. This ensures no scarring on the breast. This incision can only be used one time, so if revision surgery is needed, a new incision will need to be made. Some patients dislike the visible scar that remains in the armpit after surgery.
  • Peri-areolar- The peri-areolar incision is made around the areola, right along the color transition. This hides scars and makes them practically unnoticeable for most women. The peri-areolar incision does limit the size, type, and shape of implant that can be used and may not be advisable for women with small areola or large implants. This incision provides good access to the breast for your plastic surgeon.
  • Inframammary- The inframammary incision is placed under the breast, in the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. It is well hidden by the overhang of the breast and is unnoticeable for most women after it has healed. This incision provides Dr. Sajjadian with the best possible access to the breast tissues. This is the most popular breast augmentation incision by far.
  • TUBA- The TUBA breast augmentation technique, also known as trans-umbilical breast augmentation, places the incision inside of the belly button. Using an endoscope, the breast implant is then carefully moved from the abdomen up into the breast area. Only saline implants are used with this technique. They are inserted deflated and filled after they are in position. The TUBA approach creates no breast scarring but is very complex and time-consuming. Only a few plastic surgeons in Southern California offer this specialized and advanced breast augmentation technique.

Dr. Sajjadian is very familiar and experienced using all four of these techniques. Many surgeons offer only one or two options for breast incision placement, but Dr. Sajjadian’s exemplary surgical skills allow him to provide his patients with more options and more treatment flexibility.


Breast implants can be placed over or under the pectoral muscle. Typically, a sub-muscular placement is preferred as it offers a more natural looking result, easier coverage of the implant, lower risk of bottoming out and capsular contracture, and better post-augmentation mammography results. Recovery tends to be longer and more difficult after this type of breast augmentation.

Some patients will be better served by a sub-glandular patient. This placement option typically offers a shorter, easier recovery and allows for a larger implant, provided there is sufficient breast tissue to cover it. Sub-glandular placement may also be preferable in patients involved in heavy exercise or weightlifting as the implant won’t distort when the pectoral muscle is flexed, as is common with a sub-muscular placement.

For both sub-glandular and sub-muscular placements, Dr. Sajjadian creates a pocket for the breast implant. The implant is placed in the pocket during breast surgery. At first, the pocket will be tight. In time, the skin and tissues surrounding the implant will relax, and the implant will settle into position. This is a process known as “drop and fluff” and takes 3-6 months to occur after surgery. This process usually happens quicker in sub-glandular placement patients.


There is no perfect size for the female breasts. We’ve seen women with stunning breasts at every cup size. Our goal is to find a breast implant size that complements your aesthetic goals and works with your anatomy.

When choosing an implant size, we are somewhat limited by the patient’s natural anatomy. An implant must be fully covered by breast tissue for a natural look. If we use an implant that is too large, ridges or bumps may be visible at the edges of the implant. Larger implant sizes may also be difficult, or uncomfortable, for smaller patients.

Dr. Sajjadian realizes that size is only one variable in the appearance of your breasts after augmentation. By varying implant shape, projection, placement, and other factors, he can create your ideal breasts, even if there are limitations to the size of implant your body can accommodate.

How Do You Find Your Ideal Implant Size?

Before your breast augmentation consultation, spend a little time contemplating your ideal breasts. Forget about cup sizes; letters and numbers matter less than appearance. We love when patients bring celebrity photos of breasts they love as it gives us a better idea of your desired appearance. Grab those gossip magazines and start shopping for your ideal breasts!

Many patients also use an easy at home test to “try on” different breast sizes. It is called the rice test. Simply cut off and fill the boot section of a pair of pantyhose with rice. Place these rice sizers in a sports bra and try on all of your favorite clothing styles. Adjust the quantities of rice and take notes so you can share your research at your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian.

Making Breast Augmentation Decisions- The Importance of a Consultation

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed yet? There are many decisions to make as you prepare for cosmetic breast surgery, but these decisions aren’t meant to be made alone. When you choose Dr. Sajjadian for your breast augmentation, you get one of the best breast surgeons in Southern California and his carefully selected team of nurses, patient coordinators, etc. as your advisors. You may not know a lot about breast surgery, but we do, and we’re here to hold your hand and help you make these difficult decisions.

During your consultation, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of each option. We’ll talk about expense, downtime, longevity, and your anatomy and their effects on each decision. Dr. Sajjadian liberally shares his expert medical advice, honed over years of surgical practice.

There are decisions to be made, and we’ll work together to make them. It all starts at your consultation. Call our Newport Beach plastic surgery office to schedule your consultation for breast augmentation surgery.

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