Selecting the Right Implant Profile

Breast augmentation with implants remains the most popular way to increase breast size and improve their shape. And, silicone cohesive gel breast implants are the most popular in the USA.

Part of their appeal relates to the vast array of sizes and shapes that are available. Breast implant dimensions differ in diameter (how wide they are) and how high profiles are.

Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all implants were the rage. (We’re grateful for that!) Today, the average patient has numerous customizable implant profile choices. So, which is the best for you? Read on to learn what implant profiles are and how you can get the “just right” proportions for your body, or visit our before and after gallery to see some real-life examples.

What Does “Breast Implant Profile” Mean?

You may be accustomed to hearing of “profile” as it relates to faces. When it comes to breast implants, the most common terms are low, moderate, full, and extra full. People also talk about “high” versus “low,” and to top it off, volumes measured in CCs will range from 250-550 in most cases. No wonder it’s not easy for the average person to connect those terms with a bra cup size.

Let’s clear something up- the implant profile isn’t about volume in CCs. It’s less about how big implants are, and more about how “round” or projecting they are.

When resting against the ribcage, implants can project forward a little or a lot. The more they project, the more likely a rounded upper breast and prominent cleavage will be seen.

Many plastic surgeons describe these options in terms of “natural” versus “augmented” results, but that’s not the whole story.

Does Everyone Get the Same Result from Their Implant Profile?

Everyone has a different starting point before surgery. That means even if they choose the exact same breast implants, three different women will have three different-looking results. Selecting the right implant profile for you will depend on a few factors, and it’s a highly personalized choice.

Chest shape and measurements matter. Some people have a forward projecting, prominent chest, so moderate implants appear somewhat rounded and full on them. Others have a flatter chest wall or minimal breast tissue, so implant projection makes up the difference for a result they want.

Many people don’t consider this, but your breast augmentation doesn’t replace your breasts- it adds to them. If you have full, firm breasts to begin with, you may not want the highest projection implant, unless a dramatic, augmented appearance is what you’re after.

Those with little breast tissue often select full implants if they don’t have much cleavage to begin with. However, if the desired look is exceptionally natural and subtle, even small-chested women can choose low or moderate implant profiles.

What Implant Profile Will You Choose?

Dr. Ali Sajjadian will examine you, listen to your goals, then make a few recommendations. At that point, most people have options narrowed down from thousands to just two or three- thankfully! From your available “looks,” implants will be very similar but may have slightly different projections.

Patients try implant sizers on with a snug sports bra during their consultation or do a “rice test” at home by filling plastic bags or pantyhose with rice.

Most plastic surgeons will recommend choosing your implant based on results you’re after, rather than fixating on numbers. You’re more likely to get an enhancement you love when you let your desired image and style guide you.

You Have Personalized Options!

You can book a free consultation to learn about all your customizable options. Many people are delighted to find out that an implant size and shape are made just for them. Dr. Sajjadian can help you create your ideal new figure. Call (949)-515-0550 or schedule a consultation to learn more today!