Breast Augmentation After Children – Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’re thinking about having children and are weighing your options for getting a breast augmentation surgery to improve your self-confidence and make you feel more feminine, you know how emotional this decision can be. Entrusting a surgeon to enhance your appearance isn’t a choice to make lightly.

Choosing breast augmentation can be uniquely challenging for mothers over 30. If you find yourself in this position, here’s some helpful information you can use to become a well-informed patient.

Why Women Over 30 Choose Breast Augmentation

Did pregnancy and breastfeeding dramatically change your breasts, causing them to sag or appear asymmetrical? If your breasts now look deflated, with downward-pointing nipples, this issue can be hard to hide, even when you’re fully dressed.

On a psychological level, breasts are intrinsic to many women’s feminine identity and self-esteem. If you are embarrassed about your breasts, it can affect your sexuality and ability to be comfortable with your partner in intimate moments. You may consider breast augmentation to restore your sex appeal.

The decision to have breast surgery can be difficult for women, especially as they age. After having children, some mothers devote all their attention to their family, and may feel guilty about doing something solely for themselves. You might also believe breast augmentation is only for women in their 20s.

However, if your breast appearance is adversely affecting your quality of life, this surgery can provide the self-esteem boost you need.

Breast Implants vs. Breast Lift

If you are considering breast surgery, your primary options are breast augmentation, a lift, or a reduction. Though each surgery has distinct advantages, many women choose to combine procedures to get the best of both worlds.

For example, if your concerns include sagging skin and asymmetry, you may want to pair a lift and an augmentation. Or, you could opt for a lift and a reduction if you have oversized breasts that droop and cause you back, neck, or shoulder pain.

Can You Breastfeed With Breast Implants?

Several women worry they will lose their ability to breastfeed after breast augmentation. Though you may have heard that breast surgery can restrict milk supply or that breast implants can contaminate breast milk, this procedure should not present any long-term issues if you choose an experienced surgeon like Dr. Ali Sajjadian to perform it.

Should You Wait to Undergo Breast Augmentation After Having Children?

Breast implants do not prevent you from getting pregnant or nursing your children, so you can get this surgery even if you are still planning to add to your family. However, remember that it’s impossible to predict how pregnancy will change your body.  

Dr. Sajjadian often talks to satisfied patients whose only regret about the surgery is that they wish they had not waited so long to get implants. There’s no wrong time to get a breast augmentation to transform your appearance and help you feel your best. If you get pregnant in the future and find it dramatically affects your breast appearance, Dr. Sajjadian can address those issues. 

Will Pregnancy Change Your Breast Contour?

For most women, the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy and lactation will affect breast size and shape. With or without implants, your genetics, existing breast tissue volume, and age are vital factors that will determine the degree of difference.

Breast implants will not prevent your body contours from changing throughout your life. But if motherhood significantly impacts your breast augmentation benefits, you can have revision surgery or add a lift or reduction. Dr. Sajjadian can address all your concerns, whether you have implants or not.

The Bottom Line

Typically, getting breast augmentation earlier in life are glad they chose not to delay this transformative surgery. They enjoy their new breasts through all stages of life, even during pregnancy and childbearing. In addition, we often hear from women about increased comfort with their body image, better wardrobe options, more intimate relationships with their partners, and improved self-esteem.

Don’t let your goals for motherhood deter you from having implants. Make sure to discuss your plans with Dr. Sajjadian during your consultation. He can provide trustworthy advice informed by his advanced training and decades of surgical experience. 

Ultimately, deciding to have your breasts altered is an extremely personal experience. Contact triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sajjadian today to learn more about breast augmentation procedures. He will guide you through the process to allow you to make the best decision.