How Do Celebrities Prepare for Red Carpets?

Considering a cosmetic procedure? Contact Dr. Ali Sajjadian and his talented, caring team! Dr. Sajjadian is double Board Certified and highly regarded as one of the best plastic surgeons in Orange County and throughout Southern California. Dr. Sajjadian’s philosophy is to create beautiful, natural-looking results. He is passionately committed to the advancement of cosmetic surgery through writing… Read More >>

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU!

Can you feel the love in the air?  Valentine’s Day is upon us and this year we hope your biggest Valentine is yourself. Rather than buying a box of chocolates or a bouquet of roses, give yourself a gift that will last a lot longer: the gift of aesthetic transformation. Dr. Sajjadian, double board certified… Read More >>

Latisse® after Chemotherapy

Most people just think about the hair they will lose from the top of their head after chemotherapy but few realize that chemo can cause hair to fall out anywhere on their body, including eyelashes! For those who have lost their eyelashes to chemotherapy, Latisse®, a treatment used by many to get fuller, thicker lashes may… Read More >>

Latisse® for Lusher Lashes

Most people who come to us from Orange County have already heard about Latisse®, the eyelash grower that’s been on the market since the FDA approved it in December 2008. But we frequently get questions on how to use it and if it really work as an eyelash lengthener. Before it was used as an eyelash… Read More >>

Make those Long Lashes Last Longer with Latisse®

Our Orange County Medi-Spa clients are LOVING Latisse® and the way it’s lengthening their eyelashes.  In fact, about 85% of Latisse® clients give it a thumbs up and many have rave reviews to tell. In order to make those long lashes last the longest, we’ve compiled a little list of tips to make your investment go the farthest. 1. Put one drop of… Read More >>

What to Expect from your Latisse® Treatment

Long beautiful eyelashes are a staple of beauty in Newport Beach. Women try different mascaras, caking them on daily to attempt to meet this beauty standard, but it all goes down the drain at the end of the day. With Latisse® we can finally give the mascara bottles a break! Latisse® is an eyelash treatment clinically proven to give its… Read More >>

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