What to Expect from your Latisse® Treatment

Long beautiful eyelashes are a staple of beauty in Newport Beach. Women try different mascaras, caking them on daily to attempt to meet this beauty standard, but it all goes down the drain at the end of the day. With Latisse® we can finally give the mascara bottles a break! Latisse® is an eyelash treatment clinically proven to give its users longer, thicker, darker, and fuller lashes.

Trying a remarkable product like Latisse® makes women very anticipatory about their results and what to expect. Although results vary between individuals, this blog will help hash out some of the things you should expect from your Latisse® treatment.

The first change you should recognize should be in length. Very gradually your lashes will become thicker and darker, by week eight you should notice a significant improvement in your lashes length, color, and thickness. Latisse® is a sixteen week treatment and that is when the full effects of Latisse® can be truly admired. Around this time other people in Newport Beach will most likely be commenting and complimenting your lashes, because they will be very noticeable!

Count on results! Latisse® held a clinical study that involved over 275 participants of all ages. This double blind study showed that 78 percent of the participants using Latisse® saw a significant increase in length, volume, and darkness of their eye lashes. Women participating in the study who received the Latisse® treatment experienced 25 percent longer lashes, 106 percent fuller lashes, and 18 percent darker lashes, on average. You can consult also with your doctor or ophthalmologist if you have any concerns.

The most common side effects of Latisse® are itchiness and redness of the eye. Four percent of participants reported these side effects. To avoid any side effects or complications call the Newport Beach office of Dr. Ali Sajjadian today! His skilled and caring staff will teach you all there is to know about using Latisse® safely.

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