Make those Long Lashes Last Longer with Latisse®

Our Orange County Medi-Spa clients are LOVING Latisse® and the way it’s lengthening their eyelashes.  In fact, about 85% of Latisse® clients give it a thumbs up and many have rave reviews to tell.

In order to make those long lashes last the longest, we’ve compiled a little list of tips to make your investment go the farthest.

1. Put one drop of Latisse® into the cap and use the brush to apply it to both sets of eyelids daily. The directions on the package tell you to apply one drop directly to the brush for each eye.  But effects of Latisse® are still visible (if not the same) by using this technique to avoid waste and make your supply last twice as long!

2. Use the Latisse® brush for two days in a row.  With Latisse® you only get 60 applicator brushes to use, and that’s it. Orange County clients say that using one brush for two days doesn’t affect the results at all. Just rinse with water in between uses and leave to air dry.  Another tip that will make Latisse® last twice as long.

3. You can also use your own brush.  Skinny eyeliner brushes are actually preferred by a lot of women we talked to in Orange County that use Latisse®.  Many claim the eyeliner brushes also lessen irritation and hyperpigmentation compared to the brushes that come with Latisse®.

4. Or you can cut the Latisse® brush in half. Along the same lines, some are telling us that to extend the use of Latisse® they give the little brushes that come with Latisse® a chop. This way, you use less product and even better, what you do use will be applied more carefully and efficiently.

5. Use only as much Latisse® as you need.  This may vary among clients but depending on how lush you want your lashes to be, you don’t need to use a full drop for each eye.

And one more tip from our Orange County clients…There are cheap alternatives out there that we caution against. Remember, beauty doesn’t come cheap but there are ways to make your dollar go a little further as we have listed above.  Contact our office today in the Orange County area if you are interested in Latisse® or would like to meet with Dr. Ali Sajjadian about how we can enhance your beauty today.

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