Answers to Your Most Embarrassing Mommy Makeover Questions

Transform your body after baby with a mommy makeover. This surgical makeover seeks to reverse many of the changes the body experiences during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Many women feel uncomfortable talking about their post-baby bodies. There’s no need to feel embarrassed. Dr. Sajjadian is a triple board certified plastic surgeon and has helped countless women… Read More >>

Post-Pregnancy Breast Augmentation – Answers to 5 Common Questions

Did pregnancy ruin the appearance of your breasts? Many women experience breast changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding, turning to breast augmentation to restore a youthful, perky appearance. If you’ve experienced unwanted breast changes after pregnancy, give us a call to schedule your consultation with one of the best breast surgeons in California, Dr. Sajjadian. How Long Do… Read More >>

Get Your Body Back with a Mommy Makeover

Think your bikini-wearing days are in your rearview mirror? Pregnancy and childbirth changes the body and, unfortunately, it’s usually not for the better. If your sagging breasts and loose belly skin make you dread a day at the beach, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sajjadian—a top plastic surgeon in Newport Beach. Usher in bikini… Read More >>

May Is the Month of Mom. Schedule Your Mommy Makeover Today!

Has motherhood taken a toll on your body? Pregnancy can transform the body, and often in ways that are less than desirable. Whether your babies are young or grown, a Mommy Makeover is a reward that every hard working mom deserves. Celebrate this May with a much deserved Mommy Makeover from one of Newport Beach’s best surgeons. What… Read More >>

Can I Pick and Choose What’s Part of My Mommy Makeover?

Are you thinking about a Mommy Makeover? Many women wish they could rediscover their pre-pregnancy bodies but, without surgical intervention, it’s all but impossible. A Mommy Makeover is the solution. It combines various surgical procedures for a revitalized appearance. If you hate your sagging breasts, stretch marks, and post-baby belly, ask us about a Mommy Makeover…. Read More >>

I’m Asking for a Mommy Makeover for Valentine’s Day. What Should I Expect?

Valentine’s Day is almost here. What are you hoping for this year? If dreams of your pre-pregnancy body top your list, call and schedule a consultation for a Mommy Makeover. This procedure can transform you, correcting many of the changes that your body experiences due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Sexy curves await—call us today! Do I… Read More >>

New Year, New You: Get the Breasts of Your Dreams with Breast Augmentation

What’s on your list of resolutions this year? If you want to transform your body, the breasts are an excellent place to start. Breast augmentation surgery can give you the perky, full breasts you’ve been dreaming of for a stunning body with sexy curves. It’s a new year—why not discover a new body? Call us today! Is… Read More >>

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