Breast Augmentation: 10 Essential Things You Need to Do (or Buy) Before Your Procedure

Are you preparing for breast augmentation? We know the process can feel intimidating, but soon you’ll be enjoying your gorgeous new breasts. This list will help you prepare for your surgery. Get ready before so you can rest and recover after. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about your upcoming surgery or recovery.

  1. Stock Your Fridge- The last thing you’ll want to do after breast augmentation surgery is head to the grocery store. Stock your fridge with lots of easy to eat foods. Some women feel a little nauseous after breast augmentation. Crackers and other mild foods may be appreciated.
  2. Buy Non-Underwire Bras– Right after surgery you’ll be placed in a surgical bra or wrapping which you’ll wear for several days. Once you get the go ahead from Dr. Sajjadian to wear a regular bra, you’ll need to have non-underwire options available. The underwire can irritate the new incision, especially if it is under the breast.
  3. Fill Your Prescriptions- Many breast augmentation patients are given prescriptions for antibiotics and painkillers before surgery. Fill your prescription early so you have what you need without a trip to the pharmacy.
  4. Arrange a Ride Home- After surgery you’ll be unable to drive and will need someone to take you home.
  5. Find Someone to Take Care of You- You’ll need a little extra help right after surgery so we ask that all patients have someone around to take care of them, especially in the first days after surgery. Choose someone that you trust and that will help you and allow you to rest.
  6. Get Help with Your Kids– Many women opt for breast augmentation as part of their Mommy Makeover to restore their body after baby. If you have kids, get someone to help them until you’re back on your feet. Older children may need rides home from school and to activities while younger children typically need more involved care. You won’t be able to lift for several weeks so get those cuddles in now.
  7. Find Extra Pillows- Many women find it comfortable to prop themselves up in bed while they recover. This means extra pillows. Find or buy some before surgery.
  8. Stock Up on Button Ups- LIfting your arms can be very uncomfortable right after surgery. We recommend wearing button up or zip up tops until you can move more freely. Stock up so you don’t have to worry about laundry.
  9. Get Slip On Shoes- You aren’t going to want to tie your shoes for a few days after breast augmentation. Find comfortable, easy on/off shoes to wear. Slips ons are a great choice.
  10. Rent (or Buy) a New Movie or Two- One of the best things you can do during your breast augmentation recovery is to rest. Rent a movie or two, buy a good book, or stockpile your favorite magazine. Having fun things to do while you recover will make the experience much more enjoyable.

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