Mommy Makeover Recovery Period and What to Expect

One of the most important thing to having a successful mommy makeover procedure is knowing what to expect after having the procedure. Having realistic expectations and planning ahead is vitally important so that you can avoid any disappointment or unexpected occurrences. Here at Dr. Ali Sajjadian’s Newport Beach plastic surgery practice, we want all our beautiful mommies to be prepared for the weeks and months after having a mommy makeover. It seriously makes a huge difference in the comfort and happiness of our clients.

A mommy makeover surgery is a major surgery with several components. It can include any of the following procedures: breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, body lift and other body contouring procedures. Like any major surgery, you can expect at least 6 weeks of dedicated rest free of strenuous activity, including most forms of exercise. Not doing exercise involving core muscle, abdominal muscles are key.

There will also be restrictions on what you can do at home as well. We advise all our Newport Beach clients to not lift more than 5 pounds during the first 3-4 weeks after breast surgery, and following a tummy tuck, avoid any motions that cause you tighten your abdominal muscles for 4-6 weeks. So it’s wise to if not imperative to arrange for help at home for initial post operative time. You’ll need help for routine daily activities like getting the kids ready for school, making lunches, making dinner, driving children to and from appointments, picking up around the house, getting things out of the cabinets, etc…

A few tips include making meals ahead of time and freezing them, moving items that you will need to lower shelves for easy access, arrange for childcare (and pet care – no walking dogs for a while), cleaning and cooking help will be well worth the cost too, no doubt! Having this kind of help at home helps ensure you have the physical and moral support that will help you in your recovery. Don’t forget a spa day or massage after all incision sites have closed and any stitches removed, after Dr Sajjadian has cleared you to do so.

We’re not going to underestimate recovery, pain and discomfort will be present immediately after the procedure and for the first few weeks off and on.  Pain medication and other methods to relieve pain will be given to each client on an individual basis. You will also feel very tired the first few weeks. Your body has been through a lot and it has a lot of healing and recovery to do so please sleep. Doctor’s orders! Your body needs it and the better you take care of yourself the first few weeks following surgery, the better you chance you have at recovering quicker.

If you are in the Southern California, Newport Beach area and would like to learn more about the mommy makeover surgery, contact our office today!