Nontraditional Facelifts

There are several techniques other than the traditional facelift that facial plastic surgeons can use to give clients a more youthful appearance.

One is the mini-lift which is a less-invasive procedure that use a smaller incision and works on a smaller area of the face than a traditional facelift.  Here in Newport Beach it is often referred to as the “weekend facelift” because many clients can have the procedure on a Friday and return to work the coming Monday. A mini-lift is designed primarily to improve the appearance of jowls(area under the chin) and loose skin in the neck. The results are less dramatic results than those seen with a traditional facelift but for many, it’s all they need.

Another type of non-traditional facelift is the mid-facelift.  In the mid-facelift, the surgeon typically makes tiny incisions in the hairline above the client’s ear, as well as inside the mouth. Through these small incision the fat pads and tissues in the cheeks are pulled up and over the cheekbones. This tightens any sagging skin in the cheekbone area. The mid-facelift often perform sing an endoscope — a tiny camera that allows the surgeon to visualize the surgical area underneath the skin.

There is another procedure call the tissue-glue facelift but is not necessarily a different kind of facelift, just a different technique for closing the incision. Instead of sutures or stitches, a type of surgical glue (usually Fibrin Sealant) is used to close the incision line. The glue also acts as a vasoconstrictor, closing blood vessels to stop bleeding and seal the wound. This technique can be used on small superficial incision and can reduce the time for recovery as well as reduce the signs of bruising. The sealant eventually flakes of as the layers of skin heal and push it off.

Other facelift techniques deal with a specific area of the face. For example, an eyelift is a procedure done to remove excess fat and loose skin around the eyes. This type of facelift is helps significantly reduce the droopiness in the eyelids. A browlift is a procedure done to raise the eyebrows and reduce frown lines.

If you live in the Newport Beach area and are interested in learning more about traditional or nontraditional faceliftscontact our office today. We’ll be more than happy to help find the right treatment for you.