How a Rhinoplasty Procedure Can Increase your Breathing Ability

If you feel your nose is out of balance with your facial features, crooked or misshapen, you might begin researching rhinoplasty (a nose job) to improve what you don’t like.

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery for men and women, but people don’t always realize there are techniques used to improve both form and function.

Limited or obstructed breathing issues are common for people of all backgrounds, and this frustrating issue can usually be addressed through nasal obstruction correction procedures.

Dr. Sajjadian’s patients look forward to transformative changes when they seek nose surgery for appearance, but the impact on their quality of life after improving breathing is advantageous too. In many cases, the best of both worlds is achieved for patients who straighten a deviated septum or other functional issues while improving the way the nose looks.

As a renowned and triple board certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, Dr. Sajjadian has been published extensively and is sought-after because of his advanced rhinoplasty expertise. Here is an overview of one of his top facial surgeries.

What Is Septorhinoplasty?

Breathing problems may be related to obstructed nasal air passages due to:

  • nasal bone and cartilage asymmetry
  • vestibular stenosis
  • turbinate enlargement
  • deviated septum
  • nasal valve collapse

The cartilage and bone that separates your nostrils are referred to as your septum. A septoplasty refers to the procedure that specifically targets the septum for correction. A septorhinoplasty will address abnormal internal structures to improve airflow and improve the appearance of your nose. It’s a combination of rhinoplasty and septum alteration.

Nasal obstruction correction procedures may include septoplasty, turbinate removal, correction of nasal fracture or deviated septum, cartilage grafts, or a combination of these procedures. Straightening the bones and cartilage in an individual’s nose sometimes dramatically improves their facial proportions and balance without that being the primary intention. Dr. Sajjadian will evaluate you to find the method that is most suitable to your concerns and expectations.

What Are the Benefits of Rhinoplasty for Breathing?

So many of the benefits of rhinoplasty are also relevant for functional nose surgery. People often feel much more confident about their facial proportions and the deep relief of breathing freely every day. In most cases, the improved function is appreciated immediately, even while healing.

Septorhinoplasty patients improve sleep, snoring, ease of breathing, and often gain a straighter-looking nose.


What Does Septorhinoplasty Involve?

This operation is done under a general anesthetic and may take between 1-3 hours on average. Dr. Sajjadian uses a discrete incision between the nostrils to gain access to support structures within. Some misshapen or excessive cartilage and bone can be removed, and the wall between your nostrils will be repositioned and straightened so that both sides breathe freely.

During this procedure, a nasal hump can be diminished, the nose tip refined, and other cosmetic alterations made. It is also possible to have just a septoplasty done and keep your nose looking as close to the original as possible.

Patients can go home the same day as their procedure and recover in comfort with a few activity restrictions.

Who Makes A Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty to Improve Breathing?

You may be an ideal candidate for a septoplasty if:

  • You find yourself losing sleep because of obstructed breathing or snoring at night
  • You are a mouth breather
  • You’re aware that you have a deviated septum
  • You want a cosmetic change and improved nose function

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