Recovering from Liposuction

There are many misconceptions that surround liposuction, one of which is that once you have the procedure, you will be required to undergo a lengthy recovery process. Many surgeons recommend taking a week off of work, but depending on the amount of liposuction performed, two or three days may suffice. Most surgeons recommend about a week off work, and for patients who have only undergone a small amount of liposuction, two to three days may be enough. But if you are recovering on the beach in Newport Beach after your liposuction procedure with Dr. Ali Sajjadian, you may wish to voluntarily extend your recovery time!

Bruising after two weeks is very rare. Swelling tends to decrease significantly within about seven to ten days and patients will look good in their clothes around this time. Swelling should be fully dissipated approximately three to five months after surgery. In about two weeks a liposuction patient can begin to “ramp up” into their prior workout expecting to hit full-speed anywhere from four to six weeks after surgery.

The level of discomfort is a question we often receive from patients who hope to receive liposuction in Newport Beach. As one of the top surgeons in Newport Beach and the entire country, Dr. Sajjadian has the techniques mastered to ensure the least amount of discomfort possible. Using long acting anesthetics, liposuction is a very well tolerated procedure and pain is not generally a concern. Patients will typically wear compression garments with compression pads to keep the skin splinted in place so it heals silky smooth.

Feel free to make a request for a complimentary consultation with  Dr. Ali Sajjadian, a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and spend the rest of the year enjoying your new and improved body!

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