Exercising after Breast Implants

Every breast surgery will require the patient take a break from their normal workout routine, but once Dr. Sajjadian has cleared you to resume physical activity, doing specific movement, physical therapy or other exercises can help you return to your normal activities and way of life sooner.  Performing stretches and exercises often reduce the problems or complications you can have after surgery.  However, be doubly sure that the exercises and physical activity you plan are safe according to the recommendation of your surgeon.

If you experience any pain in your chest or elsewhere, stop the activity immediately and call your surgeon – especially if your arms become swollen after exercising. Perform all exercise in front of a mirror to ensure you are using a safe method that will not react negatively to your new breast implants.

Refrain from lifting anything heavier than five pounds unless under supervision by your physician or a physical therapist. Wear comfortable, loose clothing when doing the exercises.

After surgery, it is not uncommon to feel some muscular tightness in your chest and armpit after surgery. The tightness will improve as you continue your massaging or exercise program.

It’s also common to have a burning, tingling, numbness, or soreness on the back of the arm and/or chest wall.  This is because the surgery disturbed some of your nerve endings.  The sensations may increase before they go away altogether but continue to do the exercises unless you notice unusual swelling or tenderness. (Tell your plastic surgeon if this occurs.)

Exercising will be limited after any surgery, but with the approval of Dr. Sajjadian, exercising makes it more likely that you’ll recovery quicker and more completely.  Schedule a consultation in our Newport Beach office today to discuss any other questions you may have regarding exercising after getting breast implants in Newport Beach or any other plastic surgery.