Will I Still Look Like Me After an Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

For people of color who are unhappy with their nose’s appearance or function, ethnic rhinoplasty may be something to investigate. This plastic surgery can enhance facial presence, remove any nasal obstruction, or both.

But many women and men of different ethnic backgrounds don’t want to completely transform how they look. Instead, they are proud of the heritage they were born with and want to maintain how people see and relate to them.  

Triple board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali Sajjadian offers ethnic rhinoplasty procedures to his non-Caucasian patients. Women and men of various cultures are delighted by how Dr. Sajjadian enhances their appearances without altering their ethnic features, including their nose.

The rhinoplasty benefits include a new and improved facial appearance with the ability to breathe better, too.

Transform Your Nose, Not How People See You

What do you dislike about your nose? Is it too large for your face? Does it have a hump on its bridge? Is it crooked after some facial trauma? Rhinoplasty can transform your nasal appearance without changing your appearance much. After your recovery, friends, and family will still recognize you and probably comment on how great you look. Many of Dr. Sajjadian’s patients find addressing their cosmetic concerns helps with their relationships and self-confidence by drawing attention away from their nose.

Dr. Sajjadian’s rhinoplasty goal is to produce an attractive nose that will complement your other facial features. He doesn’t rely on a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter process. Instead, he offers a customized surgical plan that will be as unique as your facial anatomy. He will account for your genetic heritage, other facial features, nasal structure, and desired goals.

Dr. Sajjadian has earned global renown for ethnic rhinoplasty and has helped thousands of patients by performing his tailored nose jobs. He also teaches the most advanced techniques to surgeons worldwide.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty — Size, Shape, and Proportion

Ethnic rhinoplasty recontours the nose by increasing or decreasing its size, altering its tip, bridge, or the size of the nostrils. Dr. Sajjadian will create a surgical plan with your input to ensure the outcome will deliver optimal proportions for your unique facial structure. During this operation, he will strive to keep your ethnic heritage intact while aligning nasal appearance with the size and shape that fits you best.

Your nose is the most prominent facial feature, and its structure usually finishes developing by around age 16. Dr. Sajjadian advises any rhinoplasty procedure is unwise before this age.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedure Expectations

Ethnic rhinoplasty is an outpatient procedure performed under a general anesthetic for your comfort during the operation.

For many non-Caucasian and East Asian patients, cartilage grafting is necessary to correct flat noses. This technique extracts excess cartilage from the nasal structure or appropriate sites, which Dr. Sajjadian employs to reshape the nasal framework. At times, Dr. Sajjadian may use artificial implants for the nose bridge to reinforce the structure and provide a better definition.

In addition, patients may need in-depth nasal tip reshaping to address large, overly bulbous nose tips. For others, Dr. Sajjadian may meticulously sculpt the dorsal hump to remove small pieces of bone and cartilage and patients’ profiles.

These sophisticated, detailed procedures require surgical skills and expertise. Dr. Sajjadian is talented in performing advanced rhinoplasty techniques in Orange County and Newport Beach.

Addressing Function and Form Together

Dr. Sajjadian performs functional rhinoplasty on all his nasal surgery patients, as his goal is purpose and form. He’ll correct any existing blockages to the airway during the procedure using sophisticated rhinoplasty techniques. New airway obstructions may appear after you make cosmetic changes to your nose. However, Dr. Sajjadian will make sure to address these issues, too, and ensure your nose will look and work at its best.

Enhancing Your Individual Beauty

No two noses are alike. Skin thickness and strength, nasal cartilage contours, and nostril size vary between patients and ethnicities.

For ideal rhinoplasty results, Dr. Sajjadian must understand your cultural background and beauty standards. Rhinoplasty is a delicate surgery during which Dr. Sajjadian must think on his feet. Understanding cultural norms make him better prepared in the operating room. Research suggests that some individuals with medium to darker skin are at a higher risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Dr. Sajjadian’s vast experience and skill with hidden scar techniques ensure the best results from your nose job. In addition, the methods he uses will also correspond to your unique goals.

Why Choose Dr. Sajjadian for Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Ethnic rhinoplasty brings unique considerations, which is why it’s critical to choose an experienced surgeon.

  • Sajjadian has treated hundreds of patients of all ethnic backgrounds with his rare degree of skill and expertise. He is particularly efficient with complex procedures, including rhinoplastyethnic rhinoplastyrevision rhinoplastynasal obstruction correction, and preservation rhinoplasty.
  • He considers each patient’s age, ethnicity, and skin type.
  • His rhinoplasty skills and technology address many defects, from the smallest to the most massive malformations.
  • His advanced hidden scar techniques offer a more natural appearance after rhinoplasty.
  • He takes a holistic approach to rhinoplasty, considering the balance and harmony between each facial area and its proportions.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty surgery is what Dr. Sajjadian is best known for in Orange County and Newport Beach. Men and women travel across the country to have Dr. Sajjadian perform ethnic rhinoplasty. Though surgical intervention provides the most dramatic transformation, alternative options for nasal correction are available. In addition, some patients can improve their appearance without surgery using non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques.

Dr. Sajjadian can employ dermal fillers to add volume to the nose and surrounding tissue. This technique balances the nasal appearance and can cause the nose to appear smaller and less pronounced.

Results are temporary, and re-treatment every few months will be necessary to maintain the benefits. Still, if you’re not ready for surgery, non-surgical rhinoplasty is an excellent way to adjust your appearance and test-drive a surgical result.

To learn more about ethnic rhinoplasty, contact triple board-certified plastic surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Ali Sajjadian in Newport Beach, California.

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