Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-Surgical Nose Job

For a non-invasive procedure to correct the shape and contour of their nose, Dr. Sajjadian performs an advanced technique which can provide results in 15 minutes. During a non-surgical nose job in Newport Beach, Dr. Sajjadian injects dermal fillers into precise areas of the nose to improve contour and shape. While non-surgical treatment isn’t permanent, your non-invasive nose reshaping can deliver great results without the recovery time.

For more information about how Dr. Sajjadian can improve the appearance of your nose 15 minutes, call 949-515-0550 or schedule a consultation for a non-surgical nose job.


“I have worked out all my life, and after 2 children, I couldn’t work off the fat despite consistent exercise. I had never had a surgery like this before. When I came to Dr. Sajjadian, he instantly made me feel comfortable. Almost 4 months later I feel happier and I see the results, with minimal scarring. My stomach looks like it did before I was pregnant.”

“Dr. Sajjadian takes the time to make sure you understand what he’s doing and why. He’s a conservative doctor who doesn’t like to rush thing, because he wants the best results for you as possible. He’s kind, caring, and thorough. I would recommend Dr. Sajjadian to anyone who is interested in considering getting a tummy tuck.”

Watch Carolina see her new nose for the first time and share her thoughts at the end!

“I trusted Dr. Sajjadian as I was able to see some of his cases beforehand, and the results were amazing. The Dr. made me very comfortable with what I wanted done. When it came to the surgery, I had very little bruising and swelling, and within 3/4 days I felt great. I have been back to the office since and would use Dr. Sajjadian again if I need any more work done.”

Non-Surgical Nose Job Vs. Rhinoplasty

There are advantages and disadvantages to either a non-surgical nose job or surgical rhinoplasty. A huge benefit which excites patients about a non-surgical nose job is the convenience. In approximately 15 minutes, Dr. Sajjadian can create a well-defined bridge or mask a bump.

Using fillers to shape a more aesthetic nose allows the patient to test the waters to see if outcomes are changes they’d like to have permanently through traditional rhinoplasty. Any results that aren’t to patients’ liking can be corrected by dissolving the fillers.

The effects of your non-surgical procedure last approximately nine months.

Nose Reshaping – Non-Surgical Ethnic Rhinoplasty

One of the advantages of living in Newport Beach and Southern California is the diversity of in our communities. While every patient has unique features, some may be uncomfortable with the shape and shape of their nose. No two procedures are the same, but some nasal characteristics are common among certain ethnicities.

Dr. Sajjadian has extensive experience with a non-surgical nose job for each ethnic group, including:

Non-Surgical Nose Job Procedure

Dr. Sajjadian begins a non-surgical nose job by applying a topical numbing cream to maximize patient comfort. Once the treatment area is numb, Dr. Sajjadian places a series of filler injections (usually containing Hydroxyapatite or Hyaluronic acid fillers) in precise locations throughout the nose. The entire procedure takes only 15 minutes!

In some cases, fat can be harvested from other areas of the body and used in place of conventional fillers for the nose. Dr. Sajjadian will discuss your options in depth to determine if you might be a good candidate for this procedure, or if a conventional rhinoplasty would be a better choice to achieve your desired look.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Recovery

Patients can return to work immediately following this non-invasive procedure. While a non-surgical nose job is not a permanent result like rhinoplasty, many of Dr. Sajjadian patients choose this procedure because it offers no recovery time and stunning results.

Dr. Sajjadian takes time with every patient to discuss the desired result and expectation for the procedure to determine which procedure will best produce optimal results. Dr. Sajjadian will also see the patient for a follow-up visit in two weeks after the non-invasive procedure is complete to assure the results are natural looking and proportional.

For more information about how you can improve your nose appearance in 15 minutes with a non-surgical nose job, call Dr. Sajjadian at 949-515-0550 or schedule a consultation here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common fillers for a non-surgical nose job are Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Radiesse® for a long-lasting result of up to nine months. Both Juvéderm® and Restylane® are dissolvable if results are not to the patient’s expectations.

Dr. Sajjadian may use a fat transfer as well if suitable. You and Dr. Sajjadian will determine the filler during a discreet consultation.

Injectable fillers are extremely safe. Some bruising, tenderness, redness or swelling may be experienced after the injections, but are temporary and resolve within a few hours to a couple of days. Serious complications like excessive bleeding or infection are rare.

The procedure provides quick, temporary results which do not affect the permanent nose structure. The non-surgical nose job is best for patients who require only minor changes or want to “test drive” their new nose. Dr. Sajjadian can provide permanent correction for large nasal humps, extreme crookedness, and other major changes with a rhinoplasty surgical procedure.

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