What to expect from your Facial Fat Transfer

Facial volume loss can distort your appearance and create insecurities. Many people have lost facial volume and have no idea how it can be corrected. Newport Beach plastic surgeons have one great solution to this problem, a facial fat transfer.

A facial fat transfer can restore a youthful, proportionate aesthetic to your face. Depending on the amount of volume lost in the face, the total amount of fat transferred to the face can be fairly significant. What some people to not understand about fat transfers is that a majority of the fat transferred will not “live”. Your Newport Beach plastic surgeon should understand your desires and the fat transferring procedure well enough to properly gauge your facial fat transferring needs.

A common concern amongst facial fat transfer patients is how easily the newly transferred fat is disrupted or altered. Newport Beach plastic surgeons recommend not putting significant pressure on the transfer sited for up to two weeks depending on the intensity of the procedure. Once the newly transferred fat has connected to the blood supply there is nothing short of an additional plastic surgery procedure that will alter it.

Facial fat transfer may be performed under general anesthesia, and the results will last for years. Swelling and bruising are inevitable, and the more involved the procedure becomes, the more bruising and swelling will be experienced. Typical facial fat recovery time is at least two weeks. Your Newport Beach plastic surgeon will decide whether to inject the fat directly into the fat compartment or the muscle.  If your facial fat transfer involves injection into the muscles expect more swelling, bruising, and down time.

Dr. Sajjadian has been doing facial fat transfer for many years and has been invited to lecture as keynote speaker to cosmetic plastic surgery practitioners.

If you think you could benefit from a facial fat transfer call Dr. Sajjadian in Newport Beach today. Dr. Sajjadian’s unrivaled experience and elite skills are exactly what you want on your side for your cosmetic needs in Newport Beach.