Is Persian Rhinoplasty a Type of Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

Are you thinking about rhinoplasty? Many of our patients come to their consultation feeling a little confused about all of the rhinoplasty terminology they’ve heard or read. Traditional rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, Hispanic rhinoplasty, and Middle Eastern rhinoplasty are just a few of the many types of rhinoplasty available. 

The good news is, these procedures are all rather similar. Rhinoplasty is a type of surgery to alter and improve the appearance and function of the nose. The other types of rhinoplasty are subsets of traditional rhinoplasty, focusing on patients with unique genetic features.

Today, let’s take a deeper look at one type of ethnic rhinoplasty: Persian rhinoplasty. For personalized advice, call and schedule your consultation with one of the area’s best rhinoplasty surgeons, Dr. Ali Sajjadian.

What Is Persian Rhinoplasty?

Persian rhinoplasty, also known as Iranian rhinoplasty, is a type of rhinoplasty performed on patients with a genetic heritage originating around Iran. If you’re of Persian descent and want to change the appearance of your nose, choose a surgeon with experience performing Persian rhinoplasty. Persian noses often have unique characteristics that can make rhinoplasty more complex for a surgeon without the proper experience.

Dr Sajjadian has written articles and book chapters on this area of rhinoplasty and has given many lectures on the topic. Utilizing his experience, he has devised a classification system and algorithm for treating Persian and middle eastern noses.

What Features Are Common in Persian Noses?

Persian noses tend to have a few common features. Do you have any of these common Persian nasal features?

  • Undefined nasal tip
  • Nasal hump
  • Large nose size
  • Thick or variable skin
  • Nasal Deviation and asymmetry

Dr. Sajjadian will use his advanced rhinoplasty skill to change and revise your problem areas, creating a natural looking nose that balances with your other features.

What’s the Key to Natural Looking Persian Rhinoplasty Results?

Iran is the nose job capital of the world and Persian rhinoplasty is extremely popular both in Iran and in the United States. Most Persian rhinoplasty candidates want to change their nose, without losing its natural appearance. You want a harmonious nose that looks like you were born with it, even though you weren’t. The key to these natural looking results is the right surgeon. Choose a surgeon with extensive ethnic rhinoplasty experience, like top rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Sajjadian.

Another key to a natural looking nose is to balance your nose with your other features. Your end goal shouldn’t be a tiny, upturned nose, but rather a gorgeous and proportional nose that complements your features and your heritage.

Are you thinking about Persian rhinoplasty? Call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Sajjadian today.